One of the many interesting sights in Japan is the myriad fashion styles that exist. Although trends come and go, there are certain characteristics in each fashion faction that distinguish them from the others. For example, gyaru are often associated with heavy fake eyelashes, colored contacts and dramatic hairstyles, lolitas are usually decked out in doll-like dresses with poofy skirts accentuated with lace and frills, and obasan (middle-aged women) from Osaka are known for their fondness of leopard prints.

As one would expect, since there are people who dress in a specific style, there have to be retailers who sell clothes and accessories that cater to their unique fashion needs. In the case of Japanese gangster fashion, we came across this incredible online retailer that claims to transform common people into gangsters in a matter of seconds with their fashion pieces. Check out this fashion badass after the break!

Japanese gangsters are probably most commonly associated with their impressive tattoos, but they’re usually hidden under their clothes. If you’ve seen any Japanese gangster flicks, you might observe that gang members of different hierarchy levels tend to dress differently. The higher ranked men tend to dress in suits, while the lowly ranked hooligans lean towards clothes with bold prints and designs. But of course, fashion ultimately boils down to personal preference.

Birth Japan is a one-stop online retailer that offers gangster fashion for various style preferences, and they even carry accessories to complete the look. Check out some of their products!

You know how some brands promote their products with copywriting such as “designed for women, by women”, and that instantly instills a certain amount of brand credibility? Well, Birth Japan has that sort of authenticity too, as ironic as that may sound, as the online shop is run by an ex-outlaw. And how do we know that? They were having a 10th Anniversary Reflection Sale that commemorates the store owner’s arrest a decade ago. He has since turned over a new leaf and runs an honest business now.

▼ The boss of badass fashion.

▼ The shop also offers special discounts for ex-convicts and people who are currently in jail… talk about originality.

▼ The shop’s eye-catching shout out claims that “this is the shop where common people can turn into gangsters in a matter of seconds, and gangsters can turn into absolute villains in an instant”.


Whether you’re a true-blue member of the dark forces, or just a gangster movie addict who wants to play dress up, you’ll probably be able to find something for the occasion at this one-of-a-kind apparel shop. Check out their webstore, or follow Birth Japan on Facebook for the latest product updates!

Source/Images: Birth Japan via Zhaizhai News
Reference: Netorabo