Kirin Beer, the Kirin Beverage Company subsidiary unsurprisingly in charge of manufacturing and selling the company’s signature lines of beer, announced yesterday that it will begin offering a service starting from August that will see a beer server and kegs delivered to individual households in the Tokyo area on demand. 

According to Kirin Beer, the company will slowly roll out the service starting in Tokyo’s 23 wards along with Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa Prefectures. In the months following the August debut of the keg delivery service (we’ve been repeatedly mouthing this phrase to ourselves since the news broke yesterday), Kirin will, it says, gradually expand the service into other parts of Japan.

At first, the company will limit deliveries to two 2-liter kegs per month, which isn’t exactly enough for an impromptu family kegstand party but should be enough for mom and dad to enjoy a responsible glass with dinner a few nights a week. As the service expands, it appears an increased frequency of deliveries is potentially in the cards, but in the meantime you can always just register a couple of fake names/procure some fake mustaches and enjoy a veritable never-ending beer waterfall at your fingertips.

▼ Sure, it’s not much to look at, but it’s what’s inside that counts!


The server unit Kirin says it will – we can’t stress this enough – deliver directly to your door will apparently be the same type of server that many Tokyo restaurants are already using to pour delicious, ice-cold beer with way, way too much foam, as is the Japanese way. To sweeten the deal even further, the company also told press that it will offer kegs of seasonal beer through the service as well, a fact that just caused the contents of your wallet to literally teleport directly into the pocket of a Kirin executive.

Kirin says the introduction of the new service was partially prompted by the gradual shrinking of Japan’s ready-to-drink beer market, which may be getting edged out by the country’s fledgling but growing craft beer scene. We’re sure the keg delivery service can surely help Kirin get an edge back as we, for one, will no longer be leaving our homes ever again, which makes buying other brands difficult.

Source: NHK News
Feature Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Inset: Kirin Beer Press Release