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If you were just looking at the clock and smiling because you’ve reached the end of your workweek, but have since switched to frowning and looking at the Tokyo weather report (clouds or rain all week long), cheer up, because it just so happens there’s a great indoor event going on.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015 kicked off earlier this week, and until June 14 will be showcasing the works of talented short film makers from around the globe at venues in Tokyo and Yokohama. Best of all, admission is free, and today we’re taking a peek at some of the festival’s amazing computer animated shorts that are screening this weekend.

Serving as judges for the event’s CG film category are Tomoyuki Sugiyama (president of Digital Hollywood University (which also served as host the recent special lecture we attended by anime sound director Kazuhiro Wakabayashi), Seiji Mizushima (director of CG anime film Expelled from Paradise), and Takashi Yamazaki (director of Stand By Me Doraemon).

The CG Animation screenings are divided into two blocks. Included among the 11 works in CG Animation Program A are Light Motif from France’s Frederic Bonpapa…

…and the ominous Somewhere Down the Line, from Irish filmmaker Julien Regnard.

CG Animation Program B, meanwhile, is a lineup of 12 shorts, among which are Taiwanese animator WeiXiu Wang’s uplifting First Launch

…and Japanese director Yuta Sukegawa’s soothing Drifting Cloud.

On Saturday, June 6, the CG B Program will be shown at Omotesando Hills Space O in Tokyo’s Harajuku, and the CG A Program will be shown Monday, June 8 at the Brillia Short Shorts Theater in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai district. If you can’t make either of those, the A Program will also screen Saturday, June 13 at the iTSCOM Studio & Hall in Tokyo’s Futakotamagawa, and the same venue will host the B Program the following day, June 14.

While admission is free, you will need to reserve tickets here through the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015 website (you’ll also find the complete program schedule here and venue information here). You can reserve up to two tickets at a time, so grab a movie-loving friend or date and take shelter from the rain while enjoying the latest offerings from this up-and-coming group of computer animators.

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Top image: Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015