The internet’s full of weird stuff. Usually, it’s really out-there, kooky, insane, bizarre-o weird stuff, but every now and then something comes along which is weird in a baffling way. Take this video of a cat poking some cotton swabs around as if trying to arrange them in a particular way. It was favourited 1.5 thousand times on Twitter, yet nobody commented on it, possibly because no one knows what to make of it.

What is the purpose of the video? Is the cat some kind of feline savant? Is there some deep, philosophical meaning behind the placement of the cotton buds? See if you can work it out…

The tweet simply shows a video of a black-and-white cat poking two cotton buds around. They’re the same type of cotton buds you’d use to clean your ears with, and the cat is a fairly run-of-the-mill black and white moggie.

But the text accompanying the video states that “this cat has an exceptionally high IQ.” And over 600 people retweeted it. AND over 1.5 thousand people favourited it. Have they all spotted something we’re missing? Is Kitty doing something really amazing and inventive that we just can’t figure out because our brains are fried from too many video games? (No such thing!)

Check out the extremely short Twitter video below, and let us know your thoughts!

Some in the RN24 office suggested that perhaps the cat was trying to create a triangle with cotton buds. This doesn’t really make the cat super-smart, though, because everyone knows it takes at least three buds to create a cotton-bud triangle.

Is the video itself some kind of code?  Some sort of kitty prophecy? Perhaps the combination to some secret safe somewhere? The password to an encrypted file? What iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis iiiiiiiiiiiit?!

Source/featured image: Twitter @twi_tenkomori
Top image © RocketNews24