Mystery stink haunts Kanagawa Prefecture, worries seismologist

The cause of the foul odor is unknown, but when does anything good cause a foul odor?

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Can you solve the mystery of the phantom printer in Japan?【Video】

The printer is working, no one else is in the room, but the print-out is nowhere to be found

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The most mysterious place to buy masks in Tokyo: Out of the back of this random dude’s car【Pics】

Our chance meeting with the mobile merchant.

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Wait, part of Goof Troop was animated in Japan?

At the 25th anniversary of A Goofy Movie, can you help solve this decades-long mystery?

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What are these strange empty “seats” that are being spotted in Tokyo train stations?

Too high to sit on, too small to do anything else with, so why are they there?

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We caved in to curiosity and bought a mystery box from a strange vending machine in Akihabara

Each box comes with a random tale attached to it.

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Intoxicated Saitama man hides mysterious paper in a tree, Mr. Sato investigates

Our fearless reporter risks getting accosted up by a drunkard to uncover the truth.

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Tokyo’s most terrifying advertisement is hiding in plain sight in busiest part of the city【Video】

Subtle spookiness in Shinjuku isn’t promoting anything except fear in all who notice it.

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Mysterious Japanese woman gives one million yen in cash to man she’s never met, then disappears

The money wasn’t meant for him, but the intended recipient has no clue who the woman is either.

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Twitter searches for the mysterious Shinsekis…and their potty-trained rabbit

A surprise message left in the walls of a home leads to a widespread search for the previous homeowners.

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Mr. Sato dials a mysterious phone number he found tied to a lamppost in downtown Tokyo【Video】

After spotting a suspicious stranger in Shinjuku, Mr. Sato is connected with someone he’d never have expected.

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New Zealander finds photos in antique Japanese sewing box, requests Internet’s help tracing them

Twitter wants you to help find the people taken in these beautiful black-and-white photos from Japan’s past.

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Japanese internet and even television confused over use of “mystery gift” from lucky bag 【Video】

Is it a golden joystick? A cushion with a handle so you don’t fall over?

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20-year-old mystery code in Super Mario 64 finally solved

All of our childhood conspiracy theory brains can finally rest.

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Flashing green orb seen shooting across sky in Japan【Video】

A large green flashing light was seen flying through the sky above Japan on Monday.

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Social media users in Japan gripped by the mysterious case of the frog-shaped hole in concrete

Japanese Twitter users weigh in with their thoughts on the bizarre print and the fate of the frog who made it.

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Responding to a public appeal for help, netizens crack deceased grandfather’s cryptic code

We love a good mystery here at RocketNews24 but this recently discovered cryptic contract had us scratching our heads.

A Japanese net user recently shared a photo of a contract of some sort written in secret code on a piece of notebook paper. The document was discovered amongst a number of articles left behind by their grandfather, who passed away last year from a sudden heart attack. Unable to solve the secret message the poster put out a call to fellow netizens to see if anyone could help decipher the code.

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What is this kitty trying to tell us? The online mystery of the cat and the cotton swabs

The internet’s full of weird stuff. Usually, it’s really out-there, kooky, insane, bizarre-o weird stuff, but every now and then something comes along which is weird in a baffling way. Take this video of a cat poking some cotton swabs around as if trying to arrange them in a particular way. It was favourited 1.5 thousand times on Twitter, yet nobody commented on it, possibly because no one knows what to make of it.

What is the purpose of the video? Is the cat some kind of feline savant? Is there some deep, philosophical meaning behind the placement of the cotton buds? See if you can work it out…

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Mystery spot in Japan with strange noises and flying object has us baffled 【Video】

In a scene reminiscent of  something out of the X-Files, there was a report earlier this year of an undisclosed place in Japan where strange loud noises were heard from the sky. Video footage was captured of what appears to be a rainy night where mysterious noises are audible there’s even an unidentified object in the sky.

Personally, I’m not a believer of UFOs, but this video footage certainly has my skin crawling and my mind wondering. We can’t quite figure out whether it’s a sound of nature (some kind of natural phenomenon or a beast in hiding) or a man-made noise.

You be the judge after the jump.

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Invasion of the blurry, white objects: Alien UFOs spotted over Tokyo?

Alien conspiracy theories have been with humankind for as long as we’ve looked up at the sky and thought “Holy crap, what is all that?!” Of course, we’ve answered a large part of that question, but the unknown and not-quite-totally-explained still account for vast swathes of the world around us, like “dark energy,” calculus, and what’s really in McNuggets.

And while scientists are hard at work answering our questions, we’re sorry to say we’re not really helping. Here’s one more thing to add to the list of the unexplained: Strange lights spotted in the sky over Tokyo!

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