If you were charged with the task of putting a mini excavator like to one pictured above onto a flatbed truck in under two minutes, what would you do? If you’re like most people you’d probably find a ramp of some sort.

Or, if you have just that right balance of gutsiness and lack of self-preservation instinct, you might do what these guys in India did. Luckily, they recorded it on video for our enjoyment and as evidence preventing any lawsuit against the makers of the excavator.

In the video we first see the operator using the backfill blade to hold the machine in position. This part of the machine is usually used for levelling the ground but can be used to angle the excavator as well.

Then he lifts the entire machine by pressing down on the flatbed of the truck with the backhoe.

In this precarious position, the partner begins to back up the truck, causing the backhoe to slide along the bed until the rear bumper catches the excavator. At this point we should call everyone’s attention to the fact that this is all being done in the middle of a busy street. In the rain.

With an admirable level of faith in that old truck’s suspension the operator then lifts the backhoe up and proceeds to spin it around – directly into traffic, mind you – and facing downwards on the other side.

After that he picks the other end of the excavator up.

And then backs it into the truck.

Finally it’s just a matter of tucking in the backhoe. You know, for safety…

This little feat of mechanical acrobatics also took less than a minute and a half. However, as efficient and cool-looking as it is, we here at RocketNews24 in no way endorse operating heavy machinery in such a way as to endanger the life and/or property of you or others. Normally, I’d make a joke at this point, but there’s a lawyer sitting across the table with a grim expression shaking his head at me.

Source: YouTube – VJvinod1
Original article by Takashi Harada