More than once, I’ve been baffled by characters in Japanese dramas getting excited at the thought of having a kansetsu kisu, or “indirect kiss.” Apparently, the thought of drinking out of the same cup or using the same straw as the object of your affection is akin to kissing them indirectly.

With the release of a new romance simulation mobile game, you too can experience the thrill of a young Japanese schoolboy about to have a kansetsu kisu with the girl of your dreams–but only after you get your hands on the recorder she uses in music class!

The That Girl’s Recorder game app reaches new levels of weirdness even for Japanese games (and this is coming from the country which developed a game where you have to fill an alleyway with cat butts). Just take a look at the app’s bizarre description:

“‘Loving her’ → ‘her recorder’

That is natural providence.

Now, it’s time for you to face your own ‘Puberty.'”

Uhh…okay. Perhaps our Japanese reporter can further enlighten us:

“Children in Japanese elementary and junior high schools learn how to play simple flutes or recorders in music class. They often leave the instruments at school when they go home, and even during my school days, pre-pubescent boys would sometimes sneak into the classrooms after school and play around with the girls’ recorders. This is something that most Japanese people (especially males) are aware of. That’s why I think this uniquely Japanese game app came into existence.”

We haven’t gotten a chance to test out the new game yet, but the basic plot line is as follows. The playable character is an introverted boy who can’t bring himself to profess his love to the girl he likes (and as you know, love confessions are a big part of the Japanese youth experience). One day, as he’s love-struck by the sight of his crush playing a recorder during music class, a spirit called Shishunki (literally: “Puberty”) suddenly appears and grants him mysterious powers. He uses these newfound powers after school to send his meddling classmates home one-by-one, all so that he can creep on the girl’s recorder, scrunchie, and other personal belongings all by himself…

Once he obtains all of her belongings, it’s then time to celebrate by letting his fantasies run wild. Erm, we’ll just leave you with the following images…make what you want of them.



▼ By the way, Puberty evolves as you collect more and more items.


Fun perks of the game include the character’s homeroom teacher, Michiko-sensei, entering the room from time to time. If you’re slopping with your game play, she’ll notice Puberty and sound the alarm, causing students whom you’ve already expelled from the room to come back. While there are free versions of the game for both iOS and Android devices, you can also pay to have access to a handsome gym teacher who distracts Michiko-sensei from her teacherly duties, along with a special school bell that sends all of the students home so you don’t have to waste precious time.

This game is recommended for ages 17 and up due to some questionable humor and creeper-like protagonist.

Source: ITmedia Inc.
Images: iTunes app store, Google Play