First live-action Spy x Family stage play video previews more in-costume cast members【Video】

Stage play gives first looks at Yuri and Fiona.

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Live-action Attack on Titan musical reveals in-costume photos of full cast【Photos】

More than a dozen characters from the anime franchise will take the stage to fight/sing at Titans.

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Live-action Spy x Family stage play releases first in-costume cast photos【Photos】

Real-life versions of Loid and Yor aim to please the eyes, and ears, of fans of the hit anime/manga series.

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Unseen footage of Haruma Miura’s run in Kinky Boots released in special tribute movie【Video】

“May Haruma Miura’s Lola forever shine in your heart.”

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Resident Evil/Biohazard games get stage musical in September

Former Takarazuka actress Reon Yuzuki stars in musical of survival horror games.

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Can’t make it to the Rurouni Kenshin musical in Japan? Preview video gives a taste of the action

We recently took a look at the first photos of the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin stage musical cast in costume, and looking at the comments for that article, more than a few fans of the hit anime and manga franchise are wishing they see the show in person. But if a trip to the Takarazuka theater in Tokyo or Hyogo Prefecture doesn’t fit into your schedule, there’s still a way to get a taste of the all-female performing troupe’s live-action spectacle, as the theatre company has released a preview video of the cast showing off their fighting moves and crossing swords!

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Let the rejoicing begin: Someone has made a sumo musical and the trailer is amazing! 【Video】

Adding “musical” to the end of any idea is an easy but effective way to come up with concepts for new creative properties. Foul-mouthed muppets plus musicals gave us Avenue Q and anime plus musical has given us a surprising number of stage productions! But one combination we’d never even dreamed of has now seen the light of day: A sumo musical.

Titled Dosu Koi Musical, this sumo musical isn’t actually a stage production, but it does star none other than Taiwanese singer Lin Yu-chun, whom you might remember killing it on America’s Got Talent in 2010. Maybe if we’re all good boys and girls, this will be turned into the next Broadway hit starring Lin and Neil Patrick Harris!

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All-female Takarazuka Revue set to perform Rurouni Kenshin musical early next year

In early 2016, the beloved Rurouni Kenshin series will be getting its first musical adaptation by the Takarazuka Revue, Japan’s all-female musical theater troupe! If you’re a fan of the manga and singing, check out when and where the musical will be performed and start planning accordingly.

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Full cast revealed for the third Black Butler musical – did the butler do it again?

You know something is popular when it starts getting adapted into anime, drama CDs, movies and games. But maybe one of the biggest and strangest adaptations is the musical. Oddly enough, staged musicals are popular enough in Japan that plenty of series get live-action singing and dancing versions performed for ecstatic fans in packed theaters. If you’re not convinced that a musical means a popular title has hit the big time, how about a third musical?

That’s right, Black Butler is set for its third musical and the final cast photos have been released!

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Second Sailor Moon stage musical’s ‘Ai no Starshine’ song shown in video

The official Sailor Moon YouTube channel began streaming a clip from the musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère. The clip features the main cast singing the song, “Ai no Starshine” (Starshine of Love.)

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2nd Sailor Moon stage musical footage shown in digest video

The official Sailor Moon YouTube channel began streaming a digest video on Sunday from the opening night of the stage musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère. The video features clips from the live show.

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Dark manga meets music — It’s Death Note the Musical!

It appears fans of the hit manga and anime Death Note may now have something exciting to look forward to, and apparently it’s going to involve some singing and maybe dancing as well. Yes, while it may not be what you would expect from the visually stunning yet dark-themed series, the world of Death Note will be recreated on stage next year as a musical! Although the popular manga has already been brought to us in several forms, including a TV anime and multiple live action feature-length films, seeing the characters, especially the completely non-human looking shinigami (death gods), come to life and sing on stage should definitely prove interesting.

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It’s a Musical.  About Tennis.

In recent years, Japan has seen an interesting trend regarding their live stage performances.  In addition to their culturally classic forms of theater and some popular hits imported from Broadway, Japan is now turning their beloved anime and manga into live-action stage productions! Similar to the way that Disney’s “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and others have been given new life on the big stage, Japan’s popular niche series are also coming into the limelight. Read More