Black Butler

Disney is making an anime-style game where you meet handsome villain boys

Video game features character designs from a famous manga creator, starts with hot guys “twisted from Alice in Wonderland.”

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Animate Cafe ready to serve Black Butler-inspired menu this February, including a black burger

The menu also includes delicious anime-themed desserts and an extensive selection of interesting drinks!

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Black Butler Book of the Atlantic releases second trailer, additional cast info for anime movie

The first trailer was a complete tease, but there’s finally some action and voice in this new preview video!

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Upcoming Black Butler anime film’s teaser clip is such a tease【Video】

Apparently, there’s a simple trick you can use while watching this teaser video to make it just a little bit more exciting!

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These (anime) eyes have seen a lot of love, but they’ve never looked as good as this

Getting the eyes right for an anime character might be hard, but this girl is absolutely nailing it.

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Full cast revealed for the third Black Butler musical – did the butler do it again?

You know something is popular when it starts getting adapted into anime, drama CDs, movies and games. But maybe one of the biggest and strangest adaptations is the musical. Oddly enough, staged musicals are popular enough in Japan that plenty of series get live-action singing and dancing versions performed for ecstatic fans in packed theaters. If you’re not convinced that a musical means a popular title has hit the big time, how about a third musical?

That’s right, Black Butler is set for its third musical and the final cast photos have been released!

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