There are many lovers of nihonshu (often called sake in English) in Japan, but a challenge of a true nihonshu fan is finding that perfect brand to suit their tastes. With the hundreds of different kinds each with their own flavors and ways to serve, you might drink for years without being able to settle on a type to call your favorite.

In addition to time, it can also be a burden on the wallet to go through bottle after bottle searching for that right one. Luckily, Mr. Sato stumbled upon something that might help speed up and cheapen the sake selecting process.

It’s a sake taste testing machine in Osaka International Airport that sells cups from nearly 30 different brands for only 100 yen (US$0.81) each.

■ Great way to pass the time

After making his way through the security check, Mr. Sato found himself with a lot of time to kill before boarding. Tired of counting the tiles on the floor, he wandered around the airport a bit and came across the Airport Fine Sake Storehouse.

There were three machines, each of which held a maximum of 10 bottles. On this day there were 29 in stock. On a nearby counter were small sake cups which Mr. Sato would place into the machine. After that he inserted 100 yen and pushed the button of the brand he wanted.

In quick succession, Mr. Sato made his way through three different kinds of sake. There was Kuroushi from Hainana, Wakayama; Takinokoi Tennomiroku of Kobe, Hyogo; and Takaramusume out of Nishinomiya, Hyogo. He was able to sample the three different kinds, and best of all it only set him back 300 yen ($2.42)!

■ Warning: Drink responsibly

With all this speed and cheapness, it might be difficult not to get carried away and drink too much. Even Mr. Sato had to stop himself from going too far on this magical nihonshu buffet.

The drinks may be cheap but it’ll cost you big in the long-run if you get hammered and miss your flight, so drink in moderation!

Machine Information
Airport Fine Sake Storehouse
2F North Terminal, Terminal Building, Osaka International Airport, 3-555 Hotarugaikenishi, Toyonaka, Osaka
大阪府豊中市蛍池西町3-555 大阪国際空港 ターミナルビル 北ターミナル 2F
Open seven days a week: 8:00am – 8:00pm

Original article by Mr. Sato
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