New Dassai sake parfait crashes reservation system in Japan

There’s a reason why they call this the “phantom sake”.

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Pac-Man sake series coming to salute the video game star’s 40th birthday

Raise a glass to the gaming hero who can’t stop eating.

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New Japanese KitKats feature sakura sake and a traditional cherry blossom dessert

Hanami flavours are accompanied by a special limited-edition Easter treat this year. 

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Samurai Bottle Helmets are here to fiercely and elegantly adorn your bottles of booze

These sleek ornaments are perfect for a history buff interested in legendary warriors of the Sengoku period of Japanese history.

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Limited run of commemorative Ed Sheeran sake on sale from 8 April

Hey, you got your Ed Sheeran in my sake! No, you got your sake in my Ed Sheeran! Wait a minute….

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Sakura Japanese Sake KitKats combine rice wine and cherry blossoms for a sweet hanami experience

Sakura-flavoured KitKats now come with 0.07 percent alcohol.

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Japan has new sake Kit Kats produced by a 393-year-old Hyogo sake brewer

The latest collaboration between the chocolate snacks and the Japanese spirit is almost four centuries in the making and uses one of the highest classes of sake.

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Dassai sake matcha truffles bring two esteemed Japanese companies together for limited time

Premium Japanese rice wine and high-quality powdered green tea make for a truffle that’s bursting with traditional flavours.

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Don’t know which sake to drink? These handy flavor charts help you pick by region of Japan

Here’s a great way to start wading into the deep waters of the sake world.

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Japanese sake with a basketball anime connection is flying off the shelves in China

Chinese consumers have been buying up a certain brand of sake in staggering numbers due to an unexpected link with hit basketball anime Slam Dunk.

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Sake on ice! Akita sake brewery has special brewing process that is spinning up tons of interest

Who knew Japanese sake and figure skating would score a perfect 10?

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Shinto ceremony that involves feeding a carp alcohol criticized as “animal abuse”

The debate continues over whether plying a carp with booze is inhumane treatment of animals or a treasured part of Japan’s cultural heritage.

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Travel to Nakanoshima Station this month for a unique drinking and dining experience

Love beer? Love trains? Here’s your chance to combine the two for four special nights.

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Fortune smiles upon thee, Sir Sato. Thou hast found the 30th Anniversary Dragon Quest sake

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the legendary RPG series Dragon Quest, a limited edition bottle of sake is released. But for Sir Sato, a hangover draws near!

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Chill your sake in this stylish ice-like drinking vessel, offered for a limited time only

Do enjoy cold sake? Are you pleased by aesthetic design? Then we’ve found the perfect gift to treat yourself to! Read More

Nestlé Japan to release sake-flavoured Kit Kats this February

Now you can enjoy a break with a Kit Kat and a shot of Japanese rice wine all rolled into one.

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Kurand Sake Market opens Asakusa branch, Mr. Sato and Yoshio imbibe to their hearts’ content!

On September 2, Kurand Sake Market opened a new shop in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. This location is a sister branch to the original Kurand Sake Market which opened earlier this year in Ikebukuro, where sake lovers can sample 100 varieties of sake for 3,000 yen (US$24.64) per person with no time limit.

The Asakusa branch invited curious members of the media in for a sneak peek before its grand opening to the public, so we promptly sent our sake-loving reporters Mr. Sato, a veteran of the Ikebukuro shop, and Sailor Venus-cosplaying reporter extraordinaire Yoshio to check things out. But rather than write their opinions for each of the 30 individual brands they sampled, which would undoubtedly become tedious after a while, they decided to create a handy visual guide so that you can gauge their reactions to each cup with a picture, thus eliminating any language barriers in the process. Let the sake festivities begin!

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Pouch alcohol is the discreet and convenient way to drink on the sly

If you’ve ever wanted to wander the streets getting drunk in broad daylight without arousing suspicion, Japan has a solution for you – pouch alcohol. Instead of carrying around an obvious bottle or can, you can now get your alcohol in a little pouch like the kind you get vitamin jelly or kids juices in. You can slip it into your bag and discreetly sip on it like you’re just enjoying a low-calorie snack. You can do it on the train, in the park,  or even at work! No one will ever know! Of course, these are just examples, and we don’t recommend you actually do them. The RocketNews24 staff would certainly never endorse drinking on the job.

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Osaka International Airport has a sake tasting machine for 100 yen a cup

There are many lovers of nihonshu (often called sake in English) in Japan, but a challenge of a true nihonshu fan is finding that perfect brand to suit their tastes. With the hundreds of different kinds each with their own flavors and ways to serve, you might drink for years without being able to settle on a type to call your favorite.

In addition to time, it can also be a burden on the wallet to go through bottle after bottle searching for that right one. Luckily, Mr. Sato stumbled upon something that might help speed up and cheapen the sake selecting process.

It’s a sake taste testing machine in Osaka International Airport that sells cups from nearly 30 different brands for only 100 yen (US$0.81) each.

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Traditional sake brewing has never looked this cool 【Video】

We’ve written a lot about nihonshu, also known as sake, here at RocketNews24, but it’s not (just) because we love all things alcoholic. Nihonshu is an integral facet of traditional Japanese culture and, although it may be going through a bit of a rough patch right now, it’s still very much a part of Japanese society today.

Nowhere blends the old and the new better than Japan and, while of course technological advances have made production safer and easier, many breweries still mainly use traditional techniques to preserve the special flavour of their beverages. This video gives a glimpse into the production process today at Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co. in Kyoto, which has been making sake since 1791.

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