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After several years of unprecedented growth in the Chinese markets, investors are feeling the crunch following the Chinese stock market crash of 2015. While the stocks have still seen overall growth this year, the past four weeks have taken their toll on anyone with money invested there.

A notice was recently spotted in an apartment in China announcing they were closing off certain “high up” areas of the building. You don’t need to be able to read Chinese to figure out that someone is worried that a sudden loss of money can easily lead people to taking drastic measures.

Global economics have been on a really bumpy ride with the debt crisis in Greece and the stock market crash in China. While the Grecian people are just trying to figure out if they can access their money, Chinese investors are trying to figure out what black hole their stocks have disappeared into.

People are taking extra precautions in order to avoid any unfortunate situations. History has shown that when faced with sudden bankruptcy, people don’t always make the most rational choices. The notice tweeted below was found in an apartment complex in China, announcing that the roof had been closed to everyone.

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The notice says, “In order to prevent unexpected accidents due to the recent stock market crash, the rooftop will be closed until further notice. To those who wish to dry their clothes, please think of another way of drying them. The rooftop situation will be re-evaluated after the stock market recovers.”

Is it just a case of an overzealous building administrator or a necessary precaution, given the situation? Unfortunately, a sign alone isn’t likely keep people from getting to the roof. Hopefully there is a sturdy lock or a security guard to go along with the sign. If they are looking to cover all their bases though, it might be a good idea to post some helpful phone numbers. Just remember that old saying, “Whenever a door closes, a window opens.”

Source: Twitter (@sun_koubun)
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