OSMO 印面例(写真あり)

If you want to relive the childhood excitement of seeing your name on an ink stamp, now’s the time to start planning your trip to Japan! From 2016, you’ll be able to create a personalised stamp with more than just your name – think cute borders, shapes, colours and any type of photo you choose. Plus, you won’t have to send away and wait weeks to see your purchase because it will be dispensed in a minute or less from a high-tech vending machine!

The unique vending machine, called the Osmo, will be available at 100 prominent, high-traffic locations, like shopping malls, museums, theme parks and sightseeing areas.

OSMO 設置場所イメージ

 ▼ Customers can choose from a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

OSMO カラーバリエーション OSMO サイズバリエーション OSMO サイズ詳細

Stamp features are selected using the touch screen, with the option to include photos from a memory card or smartphone, and then it’s all dressed up with your choice of cute frame and graphics. Handwritten characters and illustrations can also be turned into an ink stamp, making this an ideal gift to share with loved ones.

OSMO タッチパネル

 ▼ Once you’ve designed your stamp, just count to 60 and your stamp will be delivered!

OSMO 印面例(季節の印面)

 ▼ The head of the stamp will appear on a tray for you to attach to the main body.

OSMO 印面作成


Though it only takes 60 seconds for the stamps to be produced, there’s no telling how long it will take to design them with all the options available.


We can’t wait to stumble on one of these unusual-looking vending machines in the upcoming year. With so many options, we’re sure we’ll be there for hours working on our designs!

Source: ITmedia
Images: Shachihata