In Japan customer service can be pretty unreal. Little things like taxi doors opening or closing automatically and complimentary reading glasses at check-out counters are harmless and go unnoticed by many locals, and are probably under-appreciated. Sometimes, however, the desire to please the customer and attend to their every need is a little over the top and some people find it just down-right annoying. 

Online research group iResearch surveyed a group of 200 male 20-somethings for their thoughts on “Which services do you secretly wish people would stop providing?” Some of the results are pretty understandable, but some of them make you wonder if the guys surveyed just hate people in general!

Starting from number ten and working our way up to number one, we begin with:

10. In a taxi: When the driver asks “Which route would you like to take?” (5.5%)



We’re thinking the people who responded to this question were probably thinking that A) If they knew the way, they wouldn’t be in a taxi, or B) It’s the driver’s job to know the best way.

8. (Tie) At the hair salon: When they style your hair with product without asking (7.0%)



Chances are they’re going to style your hair in a different way than you usually do, so you’ll just want to change it when you leave anyway. Is it really so bad to try something new once in a while, though?

8. (Tie) At the cash register: When you get change back and the coins are layered on top of the bills (7.0%)


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We admit, this can be pretty annoying. You want to get the money back in your wallet and move on, but you have to pick the coins up one by one before you can even get to the bills.

7. At the convenience store: When they separate your food into different bags (8.5%)



Sometimes if you order hot food or food plus some other stuff, the clerk will put the hot food in one bag and the rest of your items in another, or they’ll even separate it when the food isn’t hot. It’s a waste of a plastic bag!

6. At the cash register: When the clerk is handing you your change and they support your hand (9.0%)


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We can imagine how this could be a little awkward, and a little too intimate, for some people. The clerks just really don’t want you to drop the money-it could be heavy!

5. At a restaurant: When the server responds with “Yes, with pleasure,” when you order (10.0%)



It’s a little over the top, we admit. Chances are they probably couldn’t care less about your order, so there’s no sense in pretending. Some of the respondents said:

“Just getting the order in quickly is enough.” (27-year-old man)
“Just take the order correctly and that’s it.” (26)

4. At the hair salon: Small talk with the stylist (18.5%)



For some, the small talk may be part of the reason they go to the hair stylists in the first place, but maybe that’s just a girl thing? Some these men were thinking:

“I want them to focus on cutting my hair.” (27)
“I really just want to sleep.” (28) [Who sleeps at the barber?!]
“I just want to relax.” (25)

3. In a taxi: When the driver wants to engage in small talk (19.0%)


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In the same vein as the last one, it seems like these young men do not enjoy the cordial expectations of society.

“I want to check my work documents, but the driver talks and it’s annoying.” (29)
“I didn’t get in the taxi to talk to the driver.” (29)

2. In clothing stores: When the clerk walks you to the front door (22.5%)



Sometimes the clerk won’t even give you your bag until you’re at the door! While some people may enjoy the homey feel of the act, others think it’s an anti-shop lifting tactic. The respondents just seem to think of it as annoying and unnecessary:

“It’s depressing and embarrassing.” (25)
“I don’t understand why it’s necessary to walk someone out for that short of a distance.”(29)

1. In clothing stores: When the clerk asks “What are you looking for?” (37.5%)



For a lot of people shopping is a pastime. It’s a fun thing to do, not a mission to find something in particular. This is what bugs nearly 40 percent of the surveyed men; if they need your help, they’ll seek you out.

“If I’m just browsing, it’s a pain to have to explain.” (29)
“Even though I just want to browse slowly, I have to talk to them. Having someone follow me around makes my desire to shop disappear.” (28)

While many of these were completely understandable, some of them made us think that maybe these customers are being a bit fussy. Customer service is a hard game to play because there are people of so many views and opinions out there and you never know who’s going to be walking in.

Sources: R25 via Kinisoku
Top Image: fPixabay/fudowakira0