A while back, we shared a series of super-cute 8-bit GIFs created by talented Tumblr user 1041uuu which depict everyday scenes of life in Japan in a whimsically awesome, old-school way. Now we’re happy to report that the artist has been busy creating even more GIFs in the same great style!

Get ready for some super sweet moving pixel art!

▼ A windy evening on the train platform. Perhaps this lady is returning home following an after-work drinking party.

▼ Just a schoolgirl and her dog enjoying the breeze on a beautiful spring day.

▼ This aquatics shop features a whole host of animated fish. Hmm, what’s the bubble-blowing thing in the bottom left tank?

▼ From the lady beating futons to the reflections on the water, this one is seriously atmospheric. Can you spot the kitty, too?

▼ Looks like a smoggy day in Tokyo by the river. Check out the reflections of the cars.

▼ At least switch to e-cigs! This chap is enjoying a moment of smoky solitude at a rural train station in winter. There’s also a random sheep representing this year’s Chinese zodiac animal.

▼ Looks like Kitty’s spotted a tasty treat. Perhaps that bird will become part of his own private cherry-blossom-viewing picnic?

▼ Looks like rainy season in this rural part of town. Check out the political campaign posters!

▼ Taking a cruise past Tokyo Bay, perhaps.

▼ We love the detail in this one, right down to the lone flickering street light.

▼ Twilight in the big city.

Which one’s your favourite?

Source: Tumblr – 1041uuu via DesignTaxi
All images: Tumblr – 1041uuu