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Tokyo park lighting up with gorgeous digital cherry blossom art display this spring

And the event extends beyond the cherry blossom season!

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New digital art exhibition in Nagoya promises “a paradise of bugs” in a colorful forest

A beautiful world of insects awaits in Japan’s fourth largest city this summer!

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Have an AI tell your fortune using depth psychology at a new interactive art exhibit in Shibuya

Five different kinds of fortune-telling combined with digital art sounds like a great time!

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Pokémon Colors interactive digital art exhibit to tour Japan from July

So many colors, your cone cells will want to catch ’em all.

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Soak in the art literally and figuratively at TeamLab’s and TikTok’s new collab sauna exhibit

Another thought-provoking, gorgeous exhibition from the beloved digital art collective.

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Amazing new exhibits from Japanese art team TeamLab coming to life in the U.S.A.

An imagination-defying visual arts exhibition set to open by the end of this year.

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Make sakura cherry blossoms fall with your hands at Tokyo Tower

A digital hanami experience like no other.

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TeamLab Planets: Walk up a waterfall and catch koi fish at new digital art museum in Tokyo

Just when we thought we’d seen the best from this talented Japanese art collaborative, they come out with another mind-blowing museum in Tokyo.

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TeamLab Borderless: A visitor’s guide to Tokyo’s new jaw-dropping interactive light museum

Before you head to Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLab Borderless, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

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Japanese Internet goes wild for new “stop-the-sleeve” game

Test your hand-eye coordination with this clever, cute, and simple game!

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Add colour to digital artworks instantly with new free web service

Artists in Japan and around the world are raving about this handy new tool.

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Japanese manga artist wows Internet with lightning-fast ibisPaint skills on iPhone 【Video】

This quick tutorial proves you don’t need large screens and fancy tablets to create amazing digital artworks.

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Turn rough sketches into crisp digital line art with free web service from Waseda University

The automatic service is already popular online, with Japanese artists eager to share their impressive results.

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Feast your eyes on yet more adorable 8-bit GIFs depicting daily life in Japan

A while back, we shared a series of super-cute 8-bit GIFs created by talented Tumblr user 1041uuu which depict everyday scenes of life in Japan in a whimsically awesome, old-school way. Now we’re happy to report that the artist has been busy creating even more GIFs in the same great style!

Get ready for some super sweet moving pixel art!

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See, hear and taste at the L’art de Rosanjin exhibit, where projection mapping meets fine cuisine

If you have an interest in modern Japanese art, you may be familiar with the name Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883 – 1959). As it happens, the versatile Japanese artist is currently the subject of a an innovative and unique exhibit being held at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in the Coredo Muromachi shopping, dining and entertainment complex.

Rosanjin, who was known not only as an artist, but as a very discerning food connoisseur and a man well ahead of his time, is considered to have had a huge influence on modern Japanese art and cuisine. He has even been the inspiration behind one of the central characters in the popular gourmet comic Oishinbo, so when we heard that the exhibit combined digital technology with elements of both his art and love of food, we knew we had to go and experience it ourselves. And from what we’d already heard,  this was going to be an exhibit that you not only see, but hear and taste as well!

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Nausicaä re-imagined as an action movie! Check out this awesome fan art!

We love awesome art here at RocketNews24, especially when it features characters that are close to our hearts being re-imagined in different and striking ways. Recently, we brought you some pretty sweet fan art depicting a scene from Princess Mononoke. Now we’d like to continue the Ghibli theme by sharing this piece that re-imagines Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind as an action movie! There’s Nausicaä in her Ghibli form above, but the fan art itself can be viewed after the jump!

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12 gender-bent Disney and Ghibli characters that are utter perfection

Sakimichan is a digital artist who makes stunning paintings of Disney characters, drawn in a completely different way. These leading characters are redrawn with a new gender – and even more attractive than before!

Let’s take a look at 12 of Sakimichan’s gender-switched Disney heroes and heroines. On her website, she shares some insights into how these beautiful paintings are made. She even paints gender-bent Ghibli characters, too!

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Artists use SD cards and Febreeze to create Japanese crests for the modern age

There’s a lot of art enmeshed in everyday Japanese life. From the pictographs of the kanji writing system to the aesthetics of traditional practices, it’s easy to take for granted the visual symbolism on which a lot of the culture is based. One of the most striking examples of Japanese design is the kamon, or family crest, used for centuries to signify a family name or clan and often seen on the sleeves of formal kimonos and ceramic roof tiles of traditional homes. It’s estimated that there are as many as 30,000 family crests in Japan, and while many Japanese would struggle to identify a large number of them, some crests, such as the chrysanthemum Imperial crest and the Tokugawa shogunate hollyhock design, are easy to identify.

Artists are now using the digital medium to create a number of new kamon to the delight of netizens nationwide. What makes these unique is the fact that the images inside the crest are not flowers or scenes of nature but more modern logos and tools familiar to us through advertising and the digital age. The crest above, for example, might look like a cross design made up of four stylised rectangles, but if you look closely you’ll see something more commonly used in digital cameras: SD memory cards. Featuring everything from Twitter logos to Febreeze bottles, these unique crests are perfect for the tribes of today.

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