You’d never want to cross this Osaka mom, but it’s probably not for the reason you think.

How would you scold your child who’s misbehaving in a potentially dangerous situation? Would you yell at them that it’s dangerous and to knock it off, or perhaps to reflect on their actions one more time?

Those may seem like the obvious answers, but folks in Osaka don’t always do things the ordinary way. Case in point: Japanese Twitter user @bishop_ring recently witnessed an Osaka mom using a rather unexpected approach to teach her child right from wrong on one train platform of the JR Osaka Loop Line:


“Osaka Loop Line. A kindergartener got a little too close to the tracks on the platform. His mother pulled his arm, patted him on the head, and said [in an Osaka accent], ‘Quit it! Do you wanna be on the news? One of the older kids at so-and-so kindergarten being hit by a train [anger] isn’t interesting at all! Do you get it?’ I admired the Osaka mom’s amazing high-context style of scolding her child. She didn’t say one word about it being dangerous or stupid.”

Well, kids, we guess you shouldn’t misbehave because otherwise you’ll end up on the news for all the world to see! Of course, the one downside to this method is that some kids might be willing to do anything it takes to get the free PR. But never fear, because if you act silly in a responsible way, you may just qualify for a coveted place on the RocketNews24 homepage, right next to the legendary greats like Mr. Sato.

▼ “It’s getting far too silly!”


Source: BUZZmag
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