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Everyone knows that the best way to drink beer is either from a bottle or poured into a glass, yet more often than not you will find beer packaged in a can at the store. Cans make economic sense since they are cheap, can be crushed down to save space and they float in water if you happen to drop them while you are out having fun. However, all beer drinkers know that drinking from the can tastes horrible compared to drinking from the glass.

There are plenty of beer glasses to choose from, but a beautiful glass strangely makes the beer taste even better, and one Japanese crystal company has some of the greatest glasses for your summer drinking. Fired by the Joetsu Crystal Glass Company, the Tsukiyono Kobo line features fantastic glasses that cast your beer drinking in a much more beautiful light.

The first glass is the peak of perfection with a lovely mountain in the center of the cup and drifting clouds that match a beer with a nice head which Japanese drinkers love so much. A golden-colored beer is the perfect choice to fully enjoy the majesty of nature this glass offers.

▼ The glass pre-beer

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▼ And with!

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The second glass matches great with a really dark beer as it exemplifies the idea of fireflies illuminating the summer night. By drinking a cold stout beer and admiring the beauty of the crystal blown glass, the hot and humid days of a Japanese summer don’t seem so terrible.

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But that’s not all! Tsukiyono Kobo has a lot of other very cool glasses for those who like a different Japanese drink, like shochu.

beer 9Image: Amazon Japan

If you’re still not convinced that these are suitable for your drinking habits and want a closer look, head to the Tsukiyono Glass Park (website in Japanese only, sorry) in Gunma Prefecture. At this drinker’s haven you can learn how to make these glasses and browse through their one-of-a-kind shops. You can also enjoy a drink using their beautiful glasses at one of their on site restaurants, the Dobry Den or the Café du Veil.

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For the people who were sold on these glasses when they saw the first picture, you can buy them at either Amazon and Rakuten online stores. Prices may vary, but they are the perfect addition to any household as well as an amazing gift to bring back from Japan.

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: Fujimaki Department Store