S.RIDE taxi cars in Tokyo will soon become moving ad galleries with new advanced window tech

Rather than Fast and Furious, taxi passengers will be Fast and hopefully more Curious about the latest goods and services offered in the local area.
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Japan’s 3-D Shiba glasses dress up in kimono for wonderful wafuku tea time【Photos】

Formally attired friends come in a set for double the smiles.

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Cat mugs from Japan transform into adorable kitties when you fill them with liquid【Photos】

The makers of Japan’s cutest animal drinkware add mug handles and kawaii cats to their lineup.

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Japan’s Shiba Inu 3-D art glasses get an adorable, necessary upgrade in new version【Photos】

Playful pooches now have their signature fashion accessory.

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Beautiful Chinese snuff bottles reverse-painted on the inside impress Japanese netizens【Video】

Each masterwork of art takes much skill and dedication to produce.

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Ripple glassware from Japan makes you feel like you’re eating on water

This delicate glassware combines traditional glass-blowing techniques with the latest in 3-D modeling technology.

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Shiba-sip your beverages with adorable glasses from Japan that turn your drink into a Shiba Inu

Or celebrate another iconic symbol of Japan with a 3-D cherry blossom art glass.

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This Shinto shrine’s gorgeous glass gateways are the only ones of their kind in all Japan【Photos】

Torii gates always have an elegant allure, but none quite like this shrine’s.
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Turn a glass of beer into an exquisite Mt. Fuji scene with this Awakumo glass!

This unique Awakumo glass will let you recreate your very own view of Mt. Fuji in miniature while enjoying a frothy glass of beer

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Shattered glass in Universal Studios Japan shows how much the theme park values safety

Entertainment may be the theme park’s core, but safety is of utmost importance.

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Glass that can completely heal itself after breaking developed by University of Tokyo

New material may be a boon to both butterfingers and the chronically enraged alike.

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Exclusive Starbucks iced coffee glass handmade in Japan according to ancient Edo tradition

With more than a century of craftsmanship behind the creation of each little glass, these are some of the most exclusive and expensive items in the Starbucks range.

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Japanese glassworker shows off adult-oriented creations, leaves us impressed and slightly afraid

Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Your search is nearly over!

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Chill your sake in this stylish ice-like drinking vessel, offered for a limited time only

Do enjoy cold sake? Are you pleased by aesthetic design? Then we’ve found the perfect gift to treat yourself to! Read More

Galaxy in a bauble: Japanese artist creates spacescape pendants from glass, opals, and gold

Satoshi Tomizu calls his amazing creations Space Glass, and there’s really no better way to describe them.

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Cracked smartphone screens could be a thing of the past far sooner than we thought

Every year, tech giants like Apple, Samsung and HTC give us more features and better, often bigger, displays to look forward to in our smartphones. But so far they still haven’t managed to come up with a way to tackle perhaps the most common problem users have, which is dropping your phone and cracking the screen.

However one research team at Tokyo University is hoping to change that by creating glass that is nearly indestructible. If the team achieves its goal, the glass could be used in everything from buildings to consumer electronics as soon as 2020.

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Exquisitely blown Japanese beer glasses create serene landscapes while you drink

Everyone knows that the best way to drink beer is either from a bottle or poured into a glass, yet more often than not you will find beer packaged in a can at the store. Cans make economic sense since they are cheap, can be crushed down to save space and they float in water if you happen to drop them while you are out having fun. However, all beer drinkers know that drinking from the can tastes horrible compared to drinking from the glass.

There are plenty of beer glasses to choose from, but a beautiful glass strangely makes the beer taste even better, and one Japanese crystal company has some of the greatest glasses for your summer drinking. Fired by the Joetsu Crystal Glass Company, the Tsukiyono Kobo line features fantastic glasses that cast your beer drinking in a much more beautiful light.

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An architect figured out a brilliant way to reuse thousands of empty beer bottles

Next time you’re about to dump beer bottles in the recycling bin, consider that they could be used to make a house instead.

Armed with $11,000 and 8,500 discarded beer bottles, Chinese architect Li Rongjun spent over four months using bottles to build the second floor of his two-story house in Chongqing, China, according to Chinese media.

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Tiny gachapon hamsters are here to cling to your glass and make your drink extra cute!

Here at RocketNews24 we like to think of ourselves as experts in taste and style (hey, stop laughing!). We like to add little personal touches to our cutlery drawers and drinks cabinets (gotta love those panty glasses!). So you can imagine how excited we were when we found out about these little hamsters you can clip onto the edge of your glass or mug to up the cuteness factor of everything you drink by 150%.

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Want to drink like an adult? Have a beverage in one of these panty-glasses

Kids, it’s time to go to bed, so the adults can do adult things, like drink whiskey out of glasses shaped to look like a girl’s lower region (don’t worry, she has panties on)!

A Japanese company has recently had some success selling one such panty-inspired beverage holder, so they’ve decided to come out with another, “less innocent,” panty design. You can learn how you too can have a “pantiful life,” after the jump.

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