KitKat Snax is for those who want to sip while they snack.

In Japan, you can find KitKats in not only an amazing variety of flavors, but for a number of different occasions. In the past, we’ve seen special versions for when you want to do some baking, pass an important test, and help disaster victims, and now comes a special type of KitKat for when you want to drink a beer.

This month Nestle Japan will begin offering KitKat Snax, its first-ever KitKat item designed to pair with a frosty glass of Asahi, Ebisu, or whatever brand of beer you feel like cracking open at the end of the day (or at lunchtime if it’s your day off, since Japan won’t judge you for that). Chocolate and beer might seem an unusual combination, but if you ever go to a cherry blossom picnic, riverside barbecue, home party, or other friendly get together in Japan where guests bring drinks and snacks, it’s a pretty solid bet that there’ll be some sweets in the munchie mix.

KitKat Snax is actually a variety pack, with bite-sized KitKat pieces (Nestle calls them “ball-type,” but they’re really more like rounded-off cubes), salted roasted almonds, and cheese-flavored dried soybeans, giving you both sweet and salty flavors.

▼ It’s worth noting that the Japanese word okashi is most commonly translated as “candy,” and wanting to eat both types in the same sitting isn’t all that unusual in Japan.

If you’re having trouble deciding on what kind of beer to have with your KitKat Snax, Japanese craft brewery DD4D Brewing, based in Ehime Prefecture, is creating a special style to salute the snacks. Called Chocolate Almond Milk Stout Inspired by KitKat, it’s made with cocoa powder and has a sweet, nutty flavor, echoing the chocolate and almonds in the KitKat Snax mixture.

KitKat Snax goes on sale at Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores on July 20, priced at 198 yen (US$1.85), so if you pay for it with a 1,000-yen bill you’ll have plenty of change left over to buy one of those light-up Japanese bar sign capsule toys to put in your kitchen while you enjoy it with a beer.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times
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