Taste some ice-cold autumn goodness.

Japan boasts some brews that are better drunk during certain seasons of the year, like cherry blossom beer in spring. And autumn in Japan is one of the best times to crack open a cold one and enjoy some aromatic golden hops while taking in the beautiful foliage.

Two Japanese beer stores, KURAND SAKE MARKET and SHUGAR MARKET, are holding a Japanese-style Beer Fair until 31 October, featuring a few new beer cocktail additions to their robust lineup.

▼ Tender pieces of persimmon are incorporated into
this unique, graceful autumn persimmon beer.

▼ The natural bitterness of beer pairs rather well with that of matcha,
creating a supple and refreshing glass of emerald matcha beer.

Pumpkin beer, a rich, smooth brew that combines the
subtle sweetness and creaminess of high-quality pumpkins.

Chestnut beer is an unusual combination that results in a creamy
and smooth finish. A great way to enjoy Japanese autumn.

▼ The apple beer’s drinkability goes beyond your average cider, with a well-balanced
sweetness and generous aroma reminiscent of freshly baked apple pies.

KURANDE SAKE MARKET and SHUGAR MARKET stores can be found all over Tokyo. You can even partake in an all-you-can-drink beer plan at 3,240 yen (US$30). With over 100 different kinds of Japanese sake, wines, and beer available to your taste buds.

Who knows, they might even have in stock the elusive garlic beer that the SoraNews24 staff raved about.

Top image: Instagram/Shugar