This new “Moe Beer” could be Akashi Brewery’s most momentous addition in its 300-year brewing history.

Akashi is a city in southern Hyogo Prefecture known for having the world’s longest suspension bridge (Akashi Kaikyo Bridge) and for its “Akashiyaki” small, round dumplings. The area was also referenced in Japanese literary classics such as The Tale of Genji and the Nihon-shoki, but most importantly for us today, it has been a leading center of alcohol production for over 300 years. In fact, Akashi Brewery even won prizes for three of its brews in the 2010 International Beer Cup.


Now, for the first time in its 300-year history, Akashi has introduced a new line of craft beer ready to shake the foundations of both the beer world and the otaku world in the form of its Moe Beer.” With bottles tastefully decorated with illustrations of cute moe-type characters, it is in essence the very fusion of history with modern popular culture.

A six-pack of the beer comes packaged with three different brews, all time-tested favorites of the Akashi Brewery: two bottles of Akashi Kaigan Beer (明石海岸ビール), two bottles of Akashi no Kimi (明石の君), and two bottles of Akashi Yuukyu no Toki (明石悠久の刻). Six different moe characters adorn the labels; their designs were selected from a contest at the Kyoto Institute of Design.


Ready to see the full lineup? We’ve got the beer (and the moe) below!

Akashi Kaigan Beer (Pilsner): A bottom-fermented beer crafted with hops; the world’s most popular type of beer also known as a “wheat beer” or “white beer.” The finished product is easy to drink and preserves the perfect amount of the hops’ flavor and aroma.

▼ Pilsner moe character 1: Umi


▼ Pilsner moe character 2: Shii


Akashi no Kimi Beer (Weizen): A top-fermented beer crafted with yeast. A large amount of malted wheat is used in addition to malted barley in its production. Akashi no Kimi Beer is distinctive for its partially translucent, light brown color and white bubbles.

▼ Weizen moe character 1: Kimi


▼ Weizen moe character 2: Mei


Akashi Yuukyu no Toki (Schwarzbier): A dark lager crafted with superior-quality hops. It’s refreshing to drink with its characteristic body and perfect balance of sweetness. The brewery encourages people who normally shy away from black beers to try it. Since its name means “Eternal Time,” you can catch the fragrance of history from this brew.

▼ Schwarzbier moe character 1: Yuu


▼ Schwarzbier moe character 2: Kyuu


Finally, if moe culture doesn’t quite cut it for you, then perhaps Akashi Brewery’s other catchphrase will:


A six-pack of Akashi Brewery’s Moe Beer costs 3,000 yen (US$30), and a three-pack costs 1,500 yen. Orders can be placed on the brewery’s online store.

Source/Images: Akashi Brewery
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