It is perhaps common knowledge by now that folks in Japan tend to go on business trips a lot. Whether this is actually true or an exaggeration, we can’t exactly say, but it certainly seems that there are a ton of workers moving around the country as part of their jobs. And it should go without saying that quite a few of them end up coming to Tokyo.

So, what is it like taking a business trip to Tokyo for someone who lives outside of Japan’s most populous metropolitan area? Read on to find out!

Takashi, the writer from our sister site RocketNews24 Japan who introduced us to the onigiri restaurant Bongo earlier this week, recently made his way to Tokyo for a business trip. After his time in the big city, he wrote down the many thoughts that came to him during his time in Tokyo.

For those of you who have visited Tokyo before, see how many sound familiar to you. The rest of you may want to bear these points in mind when you do make it over.

1. When you arrive in Tokyo, you put on a calm exterior, but inside you’re super excited.

2. But as soon as you get on a packed train, you want to go right back home.

3. You don’t have any plans, but you’re looking stuff up left and right online.

4. I totally want to do that!

5. I want to do this too…

6. I want to do more! I want to do it all!!

7. But I’ll end up not being able to do, like, 80 percent of this…

8. There are convenience stores everywhere I go, and my money is burning holes in my pockets.

9. I’m lost in Shinjuku and Shibuya.

10. I’m totally in a panic about changing trains!

11. I realize once again how much time I have until the last train in Tokyo.

12. Walking around at night, I’m surprised at how bright it is.

13. There is no shortage of places to stop for a drink.

14. For folks who like drinking, “Is this heaven…?”

15. I get to enjoy drinking Hoppy.

16. I’m getting fat drinking and eating too much.

17. For folks who like drinking, “This! Is! Heaven!”

18. I’m gorging myself on food and booze, thinking I’ll lose weight when I get home.

19. Even when I get home, I’m not going to lose weight.

20. My airline miles are increasing.

21. My hotel points are increasing too.

22. My personal expenses are also increasing…

23. For folks who like drinking, “Even though my money is disappearing, this is definitely heaven!!”

24. Souvenirs are dealing the finishing blow to my wallet.

25. I’m excited about running into celebrities.

26. But in reality, I won’t even see a decent lookalike…

27. Whenever I see the English sign for for the “north wing” at Haneda airport, I think of Akina Nakamori. [She had a song titled “North Wing.”]

28. As the final day draws near, I grow sadder.

29. On the way home, I hear the local dialect, and I return to my quiet self.


So, what about you, dear readers? Have you had similar thoughts on business trips? Or are your trips pretty boring? Be sure to share below!

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