These suits claim to not only hold up while traveling, but help you feel healthier during trips as well.

While traveling around and doing business in far-off cities and foreign lands sounds exciting on paper, getting carted around in a tube full of recycled air can leave anyone feeling as fresh as a can of freeze-dried eggplant.

Until now, it’s just been thought of as part and parcel of business trips, but an upcoming line of suits called +Flow (Plus Flow) is taking a proactive stance against “shuccho bate” (business trip burnout).

Business trip burnout is said to affect 93 percent of travelers and is the cumulative effect of sitting in one place for long periods of time as well as the hustle and bustle of navigating airports and unknown areas. Poor circulation, muscle fatigue, and even suit wrinkles gradually set in and can leave even the sharpest sales rep looking like a mugshot.

Japanese midrange airline Starflyer aims to tackle all of these issues with traveling head-on through a combination of materials crafted with the taste of leading Japanese menswear designer Jun Hashimoto. Hashimoto’s own original fabric Soft Matte Tech helps to eliminate wrinkles while the addition of medicarbon works to ease your muscles.

Medicarbon is a type of fabric made entirely from charcoal which blocks ultraviolet rays while simultaneously emitting infrared waves. This is said to have several health benefits from improved circulation to relaxing muscles.

With all this cutting edge material, +Flow suits still retain stretchability for dashing to the boarding gate or even just to the vending machine from your cubicle. Starflyer and Hashimoto promise all this and will throw in some water resistance and an eye mask, all for the low low price of 97,200 yen (US$883).

Alright, that’s clearly not low at all. But it’s probably in the budget of jet-setting business people out there, and even if you’re not one of them, then you can still make a compelling case to your employer that investing in +Flow suits is a wise move. Otherwise they risk a mobile labor force that looks as disheveled as your average SoraNews24 writer.


After showing your boss the above photo, they’ll be sure to approve the purchase of a +Flow suit. From there all you have to do is choose between black and gray then make a preorder now on the junhashimoto website, or wait until they hit the racks of junhashimoto stores across Japan in late April.

Source: junhashimoto
Images: Starflyer (unless otherwise noted)
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