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With just under four months to go until we finally get Episode 7 of Star Wars, many people have a galaxy far, far away on their minds. Some people are clamoring for any and all kinds of movie tidbits, while other fans are desperately trying to avoid all spoilers. Which means it’s the perfect time to release some “alternate realityStar Wars toys to the public.

Although, when your toy is this cool looking, any time is the perfect time.

We’ve documented how classic Akira Kurosawa films have influenced Star Wars and how the Darth Vader and stormtrooper helmets take many visual cues from samurai headgear. However, what if you were to imagine the stormtroopers going in the opposite direction? Rather than a space combat suit in a galaxy far, far away, let’s throw them back in time to feudal Japan, fighting alongside their warrior general. Well you don’t have to imagine anymore, as Bandai and Tamashii have expanded their Star Wars figures and released a line of alternate universe stormtroopers that look flat-out fantastic.

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As part of Tamashii Nations’ Meisho (great commander) Movie Realization toy line, these really cool sandtrooper stormtrooper figures went on pre-sale on August 25. Each figure stands 170 millimeters tall (about 6.7 inches) and will cost 8,856 yen (US $74.25), which seems a little pricey for a toy, but the exquisite detailing makes it worth it.

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The “historic” sandtrooper is outfitted in classic samurai armor that still retains the look and feel of the Star Wars universe. As a samurai trooper, the toy obviously comes equipped with a sword, but they also sport a couple of matchlock-style rifles.

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As the sandtroopers in the movies are specially outfitted to operate in desert conditions, the figure also includes a backpack, which is normally used for carrying water and rations, but seems a little out-of-place with feudal Japan. The design seems to draw its inspiration from the ever popular steampunk style, but doesn’t detract from the overall Japanese look.

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This special sandtrooper will be released along with other Star Wars figures that were previously announced in their Meisho Movie Realization line like the classic stormtrooper, the emperor’s royal guard, Boba Fett and of course, Lord Vader.

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Star Wars and Japanese history fans should be sure to purchase these figures soon as they will likely sell out quickly. Look for their actual release in the coming months after Star Wars: The Force Awakens either forever ruins your faith in Star Wars or cements its place in classic movie history.

Source: Net Lab
Images: Tamashii