Spoil yourself with a pair of shadowy Darth Vader sunglasses or a golden C-3PO frame.

Star Wars has a knack for pumping out awesome fashion collaborations that stir our hearts, one great example being the sleek Darth Vader UGG boots introduced a few years ago.

And now another fantastic partnership has already begun, with the beloved science fiction franchise teaming up with eyewear specialist Zoff to bring us Star Wars-themed glasses. Two collections of premium and regular are available, but let us go over the premium one first.

The premium lineup features five snazzy pieces of eyewear modeled after classic characters found in the Star Wars universe.

▼ First up is the jet black Darth Vader glasses,
which comes with magnetic snap-on shades.

▼ Taking off the iconic villain’s mask…

▼ …reveals the glimmer of good the Dark Lord still possesses in his heart.

▼ Next up is X-Wing pilot Luke Skywalker,
arguably one of the coolest spectacles in the collection.

▼ Styled after X-Wing pilot helmets, it also includes a snap-on attachment.

▼ Let’s not leave out R2-D2, everyone’s favorite droid.
It even has a red light on one side of the frame.

▼ We love the bare rivets-and-screws design.

▼ The C-3PO glasses aren’t too shabby, either.

▼ C-3PO’s right leg was silver from episodes 4 to 6,
which is reflected in the right temple of the frame. How cool is that?

▼ Last but not least is the black-and-white Stormtrooper model…

▼ …featuring the unyielding will of the Galactic Empire.

Each pair of glasses comes in at 18,000 yen (US$159.70) including lenses. Customers looking to collect the entire five-piece range can do so with a very limited complete box set that costs 90,000 yen.

▼ Only 1,000 sets will be available worldwide.
It comes in a specially-designed box and five individual hard cases.

Online reservation for both individual frames and the set box begins on December 15, 11:00 Japan Standard Time.

Next up is the regular lineup. Coming in two flavors of Sith and Jedi, the former focuses on traditional colors befitting warriors of the dark like red or black, while the latter features neon colors suitable for champions of justice like blue or green.

▼ Fashionable glasses for the trendy Sith Lord.

▼ You gotta look good to be evil!

▼ The sky blue palette is perfect for aspiring Jedi Knights.

▼ A fitting style for defenders of the universe.

▼ Limited online store-only models feature various Star Wars characters.

▼ Famous quotes can be found on the frames depending on the design,
reminding wearers to be wary of the Dark Side…

▼ …or trust that the force of good will always be with them.

▼ Plenty of styles and designs to choose from.

▼ Also available are four intricately-crafted hard cases to store your glasses (1,500 yen).

Spectacles in the regular lineup cost 7,000 yen each and are available even as we speak on Zoff’s online website here, while those keeping an eye out for the premium lineup can do so here.

Get ready to spice up your everyday wear, or round off that fashionable Japanese-style Star Wars jacket with some of these stylish glasses. And even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, some of these cool spectacles are just too good to pass up as a gift for friends or loved ones.

Source: Zoff via IT media
Top image: Zoff
Insert images: Zoff, PR Times