If there were a flavor for the film series as a whole it’d be Rocky Road.

With Episode IX released, the Star Wars saga has ended its latest series of main chapters, largely to polarized reviews regarding how the beloved story was handled over the years. That’s unfortunate, but from the get-go it’s a huge challenge to weave such a story in a way that would please everyone.

That being said, if anyone can take this volatile franchise and make it universally accepted it’s Baskin Robbins.

Yes, no matter what you think of Darth Vader’s character arc in the prequels, when he’s made of chocolate cake and ice cream, it’s simply impossible to not be satisfied. But it doesn’t end with him either; six of the series’ characters are depicted in ice cream and cake flavors based on their personalities in the Star Wars Galaxy Palette.

Let’s send a probe droid in and see what awaits in this galaxy of flavors…

First up is everyone’s favorite droid R2-D2. Similarly it is characterized by Baskin Robbins Japan’s most popular flavor “Popping Shower.” This flavor is a bit of enigma, and changes slightly over time, but the core components are a minty and sweet ice cream with chocolate-covered pop rock candies.

A big wedge of this ice cream is served atop a thin layer of white sponge cake to keep everything sweetly neat and tidy.

Next, travel over to the dark side with the Darth Vader slice, made up largely of a dark chocolate ice cream with darker flakes of chocolate floating around. However, to show that the light still exists inside him is a strip of mild milk chocolate, all served on a chocolate cake base.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite cannon fodder, the stormtroopers are given a large wedge of white chocolate with a side of vanilla chocolate chip ice cream to symbolize the many laser and lightsaber holes that they end up getting in them without really ever accomplishing anything.

Then, BB-8 is made up of a caramel swirl because the little roly-poly robot looks a lot like a scoop of the stuff, and…um, I guess that’s it. Truth be told, I saw the first two parts of the new trilogy, but I can’t remember a single thing BB-8 did the entire time.

Moving on.

Here we have Yoda, and uh… Jeeze, these are getting hard. It’s part plain chocolate and part Jamoca Almond Fudge, because I guess, like Yoda, it may look like something someone sneezed out, but is really chock-full of good stuff if you give the little mess a chance.

Finally, C-3P0 is plain strawberry with strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream, because… I don’t have a clue. They totally lost me at this point, but maybe C-3P0 looks like he’s made of cheese and strawberries under the right hallucinogenics.

Each slice is topped with a chocolate portrait of each character and little lightsabers are included as utensils. It also all comes atop a tray decorated in Death Stars and Millennium Falcons. Each cake sells for 3,600 yen (US$33), but supplies are limited so be sure to get…


I’m sorry. I thought I could get through this, but the fact is I heard rumors that prior to this cake’s release there was an alternate cut with more characters, including Jar-Jar Binks as an undisclosed new flavor which would leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

While I’m sure the Galaxy Palette cake is also very nice, I’m starting a petition to demand Baskin Robbins release the cake with the Jar-Jar Slice (a.k.a. “the J.J. Cut”). I see the movement has already grown on social media with the hashtag #ReleaseTheJJCut, and with any luck we’ll all get the grody slice of ice cream that we deserve.

Source: PR Times, Baskin Robbins
Images: PR Times
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