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You arrive home after a long day at the office to your beautiful wife, smiling as she greets you at the door. Inside, a delicious home-cooked meal is ready on the table…oh, and she’s wearing a bikini!

There’s a new cafe in Tokyo where you can have all this and more, because the staff there are ready and waiting to be your bikini-and-apron-clad new wife (or husband!).

At Ore no Yome (lit. “My Wife”) in Tokyo’s Higashi Ikebukuro neighborhood, they’ll always know your name. As long as you call and tell them beforehand, that is. It’s a concept cafe staffed by “wives” and “darling husbands” in swimsuits and aprons, whose mission is simple: to make you want to come “home” to them every night.

▼ “As soon as you know what time you’ll be home, let me know dear!” runs the ad. “I’ll get your dinner ready.”

image2Ore no Yome

If girls in bikinis aren’t your bag though, never fear: the cafe also has male staff called “my darlings”, who wear these (admittedly slightly odd) swimwear apron things:

So there you have it. Tokyo’s men (and women!) with no one to go home to now have the option of a fake spouse to cook them dinner and wait on them hand and foot. If you ask them nicely, we’ll sure they’ll make you a rice omelet too.

Cafe info:
‘Ore no Yome’
Floor B1, Iwashita Building,
3 Chome-9-13,
Higashi Ikebukuro, Tokyo 170-0013
Phone: 03-6331-1533
Open daily from 6pm-11pm

Source: Ore no Yome via NetLab
Featured image: Ore no Yome