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Something to wear, something to eat, and something to wear that looks like something to eat, all for fans of anime’s most famous team of magical girls.

Japan’s Q-pot is best known as an accessory maker, but it also has its fingers in another pie, as it runs the stylishly girlish Q-pot Cafe in Tokyo’s swanky Kita Aoyama neighborhood. The dual-sided business of fashion and food makes perfect sense, though, since Q-pot’s necklace, ring, and charm designs tend to have a dessert motif that makes them look good enough to eat.

The company’s crossover spirit has also manifested itself in collaborations with hit anime Sailor Moon. Following up on last year’s Sailor Senshi-themed accessories, Q-pot is doubling up its tie-up with a new line of Sailor Moon drinks and desserts at the Q-pot Cafe plus fashion items at jewelry retailers.

Between June 30 and August 17, customers at the Q-pot Cafe will be able to order the Cosmic Heart Macaroon Plate, which costs a hefty 3,900 yen (US$35), but comes with a couple of cool extras.

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Not only do you get to keep the illustrated, heart-shaped plate it’s served on…

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…you also get your choice of one of two special drinks, either the Gift of the Moon Fairies Tea (which has white ingredients for Artemis, darker ingredients for Luna, and ends up the shade of Diana when mixed together)…

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…or the Rainbow Moon Heartache Soda.

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Chibi Moon also gets a starring role on the menu with the Pink Sugar Heart Parfait, modeled after her Pink Moon Stick.

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While you don’t get to take the glass home with you, the special coaster that comes with the 2,500-yen parfait is yours to keep, and one of the special drinks is also included in the set.

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The above desserts are offered every day, but if you’re an Outer Senshi fan you’ll want to make sure to visit the cafe on a weekday, when praline plates honoring Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn are available (all 2,200 yen and including one of the special drinks plus a coaster).

Sailor Praline Chocolat Uranus Plate (available June 30-July 14)

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Sailor Praline Chocolat Neptune Plate (available July 15-August 1)

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Sailor Praline Chocolat Pluto & Saturn Plate (available August 2-August 17)

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There are also a number of items that can be purchased to take home and enjoy later.

▼ The 750-yen Sailor Planet Milk Tea Mousse is, inexplicably, the only place where Sailor Jupiter shows up in the cafe’s lineup.

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Chibi-Usa’s Cookies (1,728 yen)

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Luna’s Star Candy (1,026 yen)

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▼ And finally, the Gift of the Moon Fairies Mug (3,024 yen)

SM 21

▼ That handle looks more like an “a” than a “Q,” but it’s cute either way.

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If you’d rather have something to wear than something to eat, Q-pot’s new line of Sailor Moon sweets-themed accessories features rings, bag charms, and necklaces, with prices ranging from 6,300 to 28,000 yen, depending on the piece, and with every Sailor (and cat) represented in one form or another.

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The entire accessory collection can be seen here, and reservations for the Q-pot cafe (which are required) can be made here.

Restaurant information
Q-pot Cafe
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Kita Aoyama 3-10-2
Open 11:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

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