Fad diets are a dime a dozen, and some people will go to extreme lengths to lose weight, but would you ever consider turning to the sun for help losing weight?

Apparently, some women in Hong Kong have recently taken to standing and staring at the sun for about half an hour a day in an effort to shed the pounds. We have to admit, as far as weight-loss methods go, it’s definitely a cheaper option. But are followers of this latest diet trend working their way towards blindness rather than thinness?

According to a report over at Coconuts HongKong, women in Hong Kong have taken to going to the beach at Sam Ka Village in Lei Yue Mun and staring at the sun, usually just before sunset. Through the sun’s rays they believe they can absorb solar energy, thereby replacing calories they would otherwise obtain from actual food.

One practitioner of the solar diet maintains that she can go without eating for a whole day using this method. “We practice sun-gazing as a substitute for eating. Some of us who have finished the therapy now eat less, and others don’t have to eat at all!”

The report goes on to state that one witness notes seeing these “sun-dieting” women soaking up some rays dressed in office attire, clearly either on their way to or coming home from work. These 20- and 30-something women will routinely kick off their shoes, set timers on their phones, and then stand and gaze at the sun, feasting on its rays.

Why run when you can sun?

This diet, like most health regimes, apparently requires building up to. One woman explained that on day one, participants stare at the sun for “only” 10 seconds. The next day, they add a further 10 seconds, working their way up. By about the ninth month, sun-dieters can apparently stare at the sun for up to 44 minutes at a time. Although the women are often spotted shielding themselves with umbrellas or covering their faces with tissue paper, many of them are said to wear pinhole glasses rather than actual protective sunglasses in the belief that they too reduce risk of eye damage. In fact, one follower of the fad maintains that doing it regularly can actually improve one’s eyesight and quality of sleep.

sun dietSource: Oriental Daily (screenshot)

We’d argue that this diet is certainly not the brightest of ideas, however, and instead recommend a balanced diet of moderate calorie consumption, regular exercise and just plain old common sense! Remember, folks, no matter how much “practice” you get, staring at the sun is never, ever a good idea and can seriously damage your vision.

Source: Coconuts HongKong
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