Gifts so good the diet will just have to wait until another day. 

New Year’s resolutions to eat better and lose weight are all well and good before the sun rises on January 1, but when fast food joints in Japan sell special gift packs in the form of fukubukuro lucky bags to celebrate, it’s impossible for us to resist their wares.

One fukubukuro worthy of the extra calories this year is the one from doughnut chain Krispy Kreme. Priced at 3,000 yen (US$27.73), we picked up a bag for our team to share at the office, and when we opened it up to find a branded tote bag and a box of doughnuts, we weren’t entirely sure at first if this was going to be a great return for our investment.

▼ However, as soon as we lifted the lid on the box, we knew we’d made a great purchase.

Inside the box was a dozen doughnuts, some glazed and others topped with chocolate, fruit-flavoured icing, and candy sprinkles. The ones that caught our eye, though, were the two adorable little mice-shaped morsels created in honour of 2020, The Year of the Rat.

The tote bag was also a nice addition to the fukubukuro, and it was made from high-quality canvas designed to last well into the future.

To top it all off, the lucky bag came with a “Doughnut Passport” that can be exchanged for a total of 12 doughnuts until 30 June.

With a dozen doughnuts retailing for 2,000 yen at Krispy Kreme in Japan, two dozen doughnuts with a tote bag for 3,000 yen was a great deal for this year’s fukubukuro.

Like the Mister Donut lucky bag, this is definitely on our must-buy list for next year.

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