We wish our dads treated us like this when we didn’t want to go to school, too.

When Twitter user @hug_yama‘s son woke up and said he didn’t want to go to school, he put his son to a test that proved successful.

▼ A+ problem-solving skills (translation below).

“One of my sons was crying and saying, ‘I don’t want to go to school today. I just want to sleep,’ so I had him take a bath and then gave him some pork shabu shabu hotpot to eat. I put in a lot of meat and tofu, and when I told him it would taste even better if he ate the meat and green onions together, he ate all of it and went to school without a problem. If he didn’t eat the hotpot, I think I would have let him stay home.

If he couldn’t even eat anything, I would have let him stay home from school.”

“What? What kind of standard and solution is that?” you may be asking. @hug_yama further explained his thinking, figuring it would help others struggling with a bad morning. One Twitter user also questioned the order of solutions, asking why he chose to make his son eat after taking a bath, and why this happened in the morning instead of the traditional nightly bath. This was @hug_yama’s response:

▼ He has some pretty solid reasoning.

“Yes, it was in the morning. When you wake up, both your body temperature and blood pressure are low, so it’s easy to harbor negativity. I wanted him to warm up his body first; while he was doing that, I reheated the leftovers of our hotpot last night and cut up some vegetables to add to it. He ate it when he was finished with his bath. Our family eats a full breakfast, so it didn’t take much more time than usual.”

Many praised the father not only for his creative solution, but also for his innate kindness.

“This is a wonderful way to treat this situation. If all parents treated their children this way, I don’t think anyone would hear crying children in the morning.”
“Whenever I feel down about work, I also like to self-medicate with food. I still don’t know why it revives me so much.”
“I guess if I ever feel like dying, I’ll try to warm myself up and eat. This is great advice for adults as well.”

@hug_yama’s advice is a great reminder to not only be kind to others, but also to yourself. When you’re having a really bad day, maybe you should consider grabbing a pitcher of warm tripe stew instead of beer.

Sources: Twitter/@hug_yama via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Flickr/Jun OHWADA
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