Fan of actor from Fate, Bleach, and Detective Conan franchises wanted to hire an imitator, but got a response from the actor himself.

With schools on summer vacation, a lot of people in Japan are looking for part-time jobs to earn a little extra cash during their break. Working in the retail or food service are two of the most common options, but Japanese Twitter user Miku (@_sxR16xo on Twitter) tweeted an offer for a position that’s much more unique, and also lucrative.

Miku is an anime fan, and particularly enamored with voice actor Ryotaro Okiayu, whose roles include Fate/Zero’s Berserker, Prince of Tennis’ Kunimitsu, Bleach’s Byakuya, and Detective Conan/Case Closed’s Fumimaro. Miku is so fond of Okiayu’s voice that she could listen to it all day long, and in hopes of achieving that dream, or at least a reasonable imitation of it, she sent out the following tweet.

“I want to hire someone who can impersonate Ryutaro Okiayu’s voice. If there’s anyone out there who can, will you do a gig at my house? I’ll pay you one million yen [US$8,900] for the day.”

That’s an astounding sum of money for one day of part-time pretend voice acting work. As a matter of fact, it’s so high that you might think it goes beyond amateur status and is actually professional-level, and you’d be totally right, since less than two hours after Miku posted her tweet, she got a response from

Okiayu himself!

The veteran voice actor replied with:

“If you’re paying one million yen, most voice actors themselves will be happy to accept the offer.”

Oddly enough, Miku hasn’t replied directly to Okiayu’s message, though she did later tweet “I love [Detective Conan’s] Fumimaro more than anyone else in the world, so for him, I’d be willing to spend as much as I can.”

▼ Fumimaro

Whether she’s actually going to put her money where her mouth is remains to be seen, but in the meantime, if you’re an anime fan with a spare million yen burning a hole in your pocket, and there aren’t any life-size figures you want to buy, Okiayu will be happy to take that money off your hands.

Source: Twitter/@_sxR16xo via Jin