To those not familiar with the scene, cosplay may just seem like older kids and adults playing dress-up, but few realize the time and effort that goes into custom-making the costumes or the attention to detail that really makes the outfits works of art.

For some, just wearing their masterpieces to an anime or comic convention is enough, but others take it a step further, staging beautiful, dramatic, or sometimes even humorous photoshoots, preserving themselves in character and enabling the sharing of their visual pieces online. And today we’ll be taking a look at just that! Here is a collection of the amazing handiwork and photography skills from around the world used to recreate scenes (and create new original scenes!) from the mega-popular anime series Attack on Titan.

From Eren to Oluo and from the US to Russia, these cosplayers bring the characters of Attack on Titan to life!

16Image: DeviantArt/ Millahwood

16Image: DeviantArt/ theonlyVU

15Image: DeviantArt/ TraumaticCandy

18Image: DeviantArt/ LadyxZero

17Image: DeviantArt/ CharisBrokehm

12Image: DeviantArt/ MeganCoffey

9Image: DeviantArt/ faramon

10Image: DeviantArt/ JIMINJI

3Image: DeviantArt/ jettyguy

1Image: DeviantArt/ boomjoy

2Image: DeviantArt/ boomjoy

Pair and group shots are also great ways to bring out even more creativity, showing cosplayers interacting in character.

5Image: DeviantArt/ faramon

Image: DeviantArt/ Junez-chan

11Image: DeviantArt/ vicissiJuice

8Images: DeviantArt/ zion-hakubi

And of course, it’s not all serious! After all, what would a photoshoot be without a few goofy outtakes?

20Images: DeviantArt/ DakunCosplay

6Image: DeviantArt/ Junez-chan

7Image: DeviantArt/ CYT-Artwerk

14Image: DeviantArt/ Poduwka-2

Be sure to check out these artists’ DeviantArt pages to see more of their amazing cosplay photos!

Source: Culture LAB
Top image: DeviantArt/ zion-hakubi