It’s easy to forget when you’ve got the adorable little Pikachu as the franchise’s mascot, but the word ‘Pokémon’ is actually a blend of the English words ‘pocket’ and ‘monsters.’ Usually people aren’t thinking about that fact as they catch as many of the cute little critters as they can in each new video game installment, but one artist is out on a different quest to remind everyone that pokémon are indeed monsters at their core.

Artist Beth Emery, otherwise known as zsparky on art-sharing community site DeviantART, is gaining attention online for her creepily brilliant drawings of pokémon portrayed in the artistic style of Attack on Titan. 

Warning: You may never be able to see Jigglypuff in the same way after seeing these pictures…

For your viewing pleasure, we have compiled a contrastive analysis of Ken Sugimori’s original Pokémon designs and Beth Emery’s Attack on Titan-style renderings below. Enjoy, and don’t run for the hills screaming!

▼Who could ever resist the adorable puffiness of Jigglypuff?



▼Or the cuteness overload of Clefairy using its Metronome attack?



▼But wait – two terror-inducing pink Titans appear at the city wall! Rattata, get out of there!!


▼Lickitung was always a bizarre pokémon to begin with…



▼…But now it’s been made postively grotesque! We hope that’s saliva on its tongue and not the remains of some unfortunate Squirtle…


▼How many of you chose grass-type Bulbasaur as your starter Pokémon way back in Generation I?



▼If you did, we sincerely hope that your buddy resembled the specimen above, and not this bloodsoaked one (umm, where’s Ash??).


▼The orphaned Cubone in Lavender Town charmed fans in the original generation of games.



▼But what happened to you?! You’ve evolved into a Colossal Titan Cubone!


▼Mr. Mime is usually more than eager to protect you with its Light Screen attack.122Mr._Mime


▼But not any more! Now Mr. Mime bears an uncanny resemblance to a rampaging Titan…


Well, readers–have you been thoroughly traumatized after seeing your childhood memories morphed into bloodthirsty Titans? Props to Beth for her imaginative and masterful drawings! Be sure to check out her page on DeviantART.

Sources: Kotaku Japan via My Game News Flash
Images: DeviantART – zsparky