A cautionary tale as old as time unfolded into an epic saga of crime and redemption in the Japanese Twitterverse recently, when a young boy’s inability to control himself around his sister’s chocolate stash ended in the kid embarking on a heist-like caper to replace the chocolate bar he couldn’t help but munch on before his sister noticed.

When the boy’s less-than-masterful plan failed, though, he resorted to writing this adorable apology letter.

It all started when Twitter user @taka10_6mido noticed a mostly-eaten chocolate bar left out on a desk in her home; one that looked suspiciously like the very same chocolate bar she’d been planning to eat later on.

What the Twitter user’s chocolate bar should have looked like


Panning the room, she noticed a separate pack of individually wrapped chocolate squares, so fresh from the convenience store that it still had the telltale orange tape affixed to single-item purchases. Someone had clearly made a bungling attempt to swap the half-eaten bar with a new one, but had perhaps forgotten what kind of chocolate they were shopping for on their way to the shop.

The suspicious stand-in


Before @taka10_6mido could even deduce the culprit, though, her eyes landed on a note scrawled in the jittery handwriting of a clearly guilty party. A ransom note? Nope, just an apology letter from her little brother:

“I ate half your chocolate, sis. Please don’t kill me.”

We hope the kid can turn his life around and leave behind his chocolate thieving ways.

Unfortunately, the original Twitter poster appears to have taken issue with Japanese media outlets using her photos and has deleted the tweets, but you can check out photo caps of the chocolate and real-deal apology letter from the Curazy source link below.

Source: Curazy
Inset image: Meiji
Feature image, inset 2: RocketNews24