When I was in high school I thought I was pretty good at drawing, only to take a look at some of my work 10 years later and realize how hideous most of it looked. In fact, it’s more than a little embarrassing how proud I was back then over a couple of notebooks of ugly doodles.

But unlike myself, there are some really creative young artists out there producing top-notch work in between classes and studying. One recent example currently circulating the Japanese web is a collection of intricate dioramas put together by a second-year high school student.

Yurie Koga is a second year student at an art high-focused school, and an avid Twitter user. Interested in illustration, dolls, and the drums, she’s already got her own personal portfolio website, and appears to be surrounded by equally artistic classmates.

One of her friends in the same year recently completed some stunningly realistic dioramas, and Yurie decided to promote them on her Twitter feed.

▼ “Here’s some work by a friend of mine in high school. It’s surprising that nobody on the net has laid eyes on the quality of his work, but even more surprising that boy in his second year high school made all of these.”

▼ “I was really taken aback by how real the trash that a friend of mine in high school made looks. Everything was made by a boy in his second year of high school.”

▼ “That time I thought this was a photo of my friend’s room, but it was actually a diorama.”

Though Japan has a booming miniature business, Yurie’s friend meticulously creates each tiny piece by hand.

▼ “Some people couldn’t figure out my friend had made the packages of snacks and so on, so I asked him and he said that he actually scans the packages and resizes them smaller in Photoshop before re-assembling them. He’s a second year high school student.”

That’s some serious dedication. You can’t even tell that the labels have been reprinted!

Hopefully thanks to Yurie, this very talented student will get some much-deserved attention for his amazing works of art. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response he’s gotten from pictures of his work posted by Yurie, he recently decided to join the Twitterverse under the username MOZU. You can follow him here for updates on what he might be working on next.

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Source: Twitter/@arukaido (1, 2, 3, 4) via My Game News Flash
Feature/top image: Twitter/@arukaido