Diving is one of the more beautiful Olympic sports, with its careful acrobatics that require near perfect form. While we suppose it’s not quite as exciting as speed-based competitions, the sport can be enthralling nonetheless!

And as this Chinese duo prove, the sport can also be absolutely fascinating when you and your partner try a new take on synchronized diving.

Though diving isn’t usually a contact sport, when performed at an exhibition and not a tournament, we suppose the rules aren’t nearly as strict. In fact, sometimes you can even get up close and personal with your partner, like these two Chinese divers.

The video above is from an exhibition charity held in Macau featuring Olympic Chinese medalists. As you can see, the pair in the video assumed an…unusual position on the board, with one holding the other upside-down. Then, they simply fell forward, turning 180 degrees, before slipping into the water with far more grace than any of us could muster solo. We’re not sure if their form was perfect (or even what perfect form would look like in this case), but it was certainly a treat to watch!

Of course, this isn’t the kind of stunt you’d expect divers to try at a real competition, which actually makes it even more impressive! As their coach explained, while it may look a little silly, it’s difficult to pull off at all, let alone this well. Especially since they’re likely not practicing this particular dive very often.

On other hand, we have to wonder if this is used a sort of hazing ritual that new team members are forced to do on the first day of practice. It certainly does require a great amount of trust for both divers!

Source, top image: YouTube/Sina premium

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