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Japanese commercials are known all over the world for being just as entertaining as the programs they interrupt. Whether they’re ridiculously cute, heartbreakingly sad, a little confusing, or nightmare-inducingly bizarre, most commercials have something special going on.

So what about this commercial? It looks so normal at first; it’s just a bunch of high school girls hanging out in a classroom, playing a guitar, reading, whatever. But then, right in the middle, something happens. Watch it for yourself and see if you can figure it out before the reveal!

In an effort to try and not give anything away, we won’t say what the commercial is for just yet. Take a watch for yourself right here, or scroll down for the highlights, to see what secret these high school girls are hiding:

▼ We start off with a teacher getting ready to go into a classroom full of…

commercial 01

▼ …bored high school students. Well, this is pretty much the most average thing I could possibly imagine.

commercial 02

▼ I guess that’s the glare we deserve for interrupting your guitar.

commercial 03

▼ And your, uh, water-drinking.

commercial 04

▼ Hey, what are you reading over there?
Oh, you’re reading a giant spoiler to explain what’s really going on here? All right then, let’s hear it!

commercial 05

▼ “Did you realize that there are boys in this classroom?”

commercial 06

▼ The secret’s out! All of those girls we saw before are actually guys with lots of makeup and accessories. In the video we get to see all of their girl-parts taken off in fast motion by a group of stylists.

commercial 07

▼ And the same thing happens to water bottle girl…

commercial 08

▼ And guitar girl…

commercial 09

▼ And everyone else in the classroom goes back to their original boy forms.

commercial 10

▼ Even the teacher… though he gets to keep on a little makeup because why not.

commercial 11

▼ In the end this was a SHISEIDO makeup commercial, and they finish with the tagline “anyone can be cute.” Hear that guys? There’s nothing wrong with a little exfoliation/moisturization in your life.

commercial 12

If you haven’t watched the video of the commercial yet, I highly recommend doing so. The fast-motion stylists mixed with the slow panning of the camera look really cool, and it’s hard to show that just using snapshots.

And if you’re curious and want to know who the prettiest boy-dressed-up-as-a-girl in Japan is, then be sure to check out the winner from the recent Mister Bishoujo Contest. All of them could give even these professionally girl-ified boys a run for their money.

Source:YouTube/SHISEIDO H/T AOL News Japan
Images: YouTube/SHISEIDO