The live-action Attack on Titan movies may have been a bit of a disappointment, but we’ll always have the glorious anime. And now the animated protagonists from the acclaimed series are bringing their world into ours and guiding us around it with an amazing new tablet and car navigation system.

Filled with special extras including the opportunity to “rank up” according to distances travelled, a choice between “return to the wall” or “Survey Corps outer expedition” route views, and an appearance from a Titan when we pass through convenience store checkpoints, it’s bound to make trips to the grocery store much more exciting!

The tablet will be available from November and will retail for 32,184 yen (US$270). At 10.8 centimetres (4.3 inches) by 18.9 centimetres (7.44 inches), its compact size means it’s easy to use at home or on the go. In the car, however, the device clips onto a dashboard stand to be used as a unique type of navigation system.


The tablet includes a number of bonus extras for fans of Attack on Titan, including a different wallpaper delivered at midnight every day.


Plus, the tablet has a high-quality IPS screen, making movies look good from any angle—handy for keeping kids entertained in the back seat!


But what’s really got fans excited is the car navigation system, which puts you in the middle of a 3-D map designed to make you feel as if you’re on an expedition outside the manga and anime’s city walls. When navigating to your destination, you can choose between a “return to the wall” or a “surveying the plains outside the wall” graphic. A late afternoon drive becomes even more exciting as the colours in the scene change to reflect the evening light and then the nightfall that surrounds you.


▼ There’s also a 2-D map option (left) for those times when you need to pinpoint your location and walk to your destination.


▼ The touch panel selection screen also features a wall-themed graphic.


With a total of 1,285 recorded words, our favourite characters pop up to voice certain parts of the route during the driving expedition. Erwin Smith, Commander of the Survey Corps acts as mission leader, with Levi, Eren, Mikasa and Armin along for the ride too. 


One of the highlights of the journey appears when you approach a convenience store. That’s when the Colossal Titan jumps up next to you on the screen, complete with a recorded vocal sound and animated movement. With convenience stores everywhere in Japan, who knows how many giants we’ll have to subdue on the way to our destination?


As you drive, you also have the opportunity to change the colour scheme by “ranking up” through levels, starting off as a member of the Training Corps and rising up to Garrison at 100 kilometres (62 miles), the Military Police Brigade at 200 kilometres and then finally the elite Survey Corps at 300 kilometres.


This is the best display of virtual immersion we’ve seen from Japan yet! Until there’s a way to take to the skies using fully functioning Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, we’ll be driving our way up to the elite ranks. Happy travels, everyone!

Source: Animaru
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