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It is always hard to let go of the things we love, which is why we have to take a look whenever Naruto is mentioned anywhere on the Internet. It doesn’t matter what it is, just give us more Naruto.

One tumblr teases the idea of what the ninjas of Konoha and the other hidden villages would look like wearing the latest fashions and gracing runways around the world. We guarantee you haven’t seen high fashion quite like this before. Team Kakashi, strut your stuff!

Valentino, Alexander Wang, and Gucci are all huge names in the fashion industry and while real-life supermodels certainly dominate the real runways, we have to give it to Naruto and his crew for wearing these clothes like a fashion-kage.

▼ We don’t think there could be a more Naruto outfit than this.

▼ Sakura shows what it means to be pretty in pink.

▼ Sasuke matching Orochimaru’s mark to the colors of his suit. Doesn’t let the curse seal get the best of him.

▼ Kakashi doesn’t need the Sharingan to know he is looking fabulous

▼ These three never looked so good together.

▼ Calm and collected Mabui dominates the runway in fashionable overalls.

▼ The piercings in Yahiko’s face really accentuates the holes of this piece.

▼ Sarada may not be sure about fashion, but we are sure this looks great on her.

▼ Choji shows that he can eat whatever he wants if he looks like this on the runway

▼ Could this be any more perfect? We think not.

▼ Kurotsuchi matching Sand Village red with a fiery red dress.

▼ Only the most confident ninja could pull off this look. Way to go, Ino!

▼ Any Sasuke fans will have to agree with the dashing style he’s got here.

▼ Father and son stun in identical suits.

▼ Can you handle all the Uchiha’s on the runway at the same time?

Whoever thought of mashing up Naruto characters with fashion deserves a special cookie. They might not be fighting for friendship and honor anymore, but they could definitely compete on a runway for America’s Next Top Model. If you like what you see, find more Naruto characters rocking the “new fall line-up” on the Naruto x Fashion tumblr.

Source: Naruto x Fashion Tumblr
Top Image: Naruto x Fashion Tumblr