As you’ve probably already gathered by browsing our front page today, fukubukuro season again! And for the 99.999999999 percent of us who couldn’t get the robot suit, every other store in Japan has something up for grabs.

This time we’re going to take a peek inside a lucky bag from leading fast food chain Lotteria as purchased by our own Hattori GO. Even though he’s not particularly a Naruto fan, he found himself very satisfied with his 2,000-yen (US$17) paper bag, so let’s take a look inside and see why!

The bag is decked out in a Naruto theme as part of a cross promotion with the anime’s feature-length The Last – Naruto the Movie. Take a moment to get over the shock of seeing a fast food restaurant collaborate with a popular film and check out the list of contents:

Lotteria Fukubukuro Details
2,000 yen ($17) worth of Lotteria vouchers
1 Naruto face towel
1 Naruto tumbler
1 Naruto post card
1 Naruto bag


And that’s it. Basically you get your money’s worth in coupons for Lotteria foods right off the bat, and if you’re a Naruto fan then you’ll surely enjoy the stash of limited-edition stuff. Even if you’re not into the ninja saga, then you’ll have some lucky fan’s next birthday covered – for free!

By the way, the vouchers are for the following: One Shrimp Burger; One Zeppin Cheeseburger; Two Small Fries; Two Chicken Karage (think Nuggets); Two Goooooooey Cheese Sticks; and Two Medium Soft Drinks. All in all, not a bad haul!

Original article by Hatori GO
Photos: RocketNews24
Source: Lotteria