Kansai International Airport

Why hayashi rice should be your last meal before leaving Japan

Your ultimate ‘sayonara Japan’ meal has a lot of things going for it.

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Kansai Airport’s open-to-anyone lounge is a great way to relax and refresh on your Japan journey

No loyalty program or first-class ticket required for this traveler’s oasis with free drinks, loaner Nintendo Switch systems, and shower booths.

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JR West teams up with Hello Kitty to clad its Kansai Special Rapid train in kawaii decals

Ride from Kansai Airport to Kyoto in a colorful Kitty train cabin!

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Thousands trapped as typhoon floods Osaka airport runway, sends tanker crashing into only bridge

Typhoon makes Kansai International’s runway indistinguishable from the ocean around the island, turns 5.7 million-pound boat into instrument of havoc.

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Nintendo opens free gameplay area in Japan’s Kansai International Airport

International airport closest to company’s Kyoto headquarters lets you start your Nintendo travel fun right away.

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Travel from Kansai Airport to Osaka aboard the Star Wars: The Force Awakens express

The Limited Express Rapi:t that shuttles passengers back and forth between Kansai Airport and Namba Station in Osaka has been offering some fun rides lately. The train’s distinctive deep blue exterior was given a red makeover last year in a Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn promotion and it even received its own superhero earlier this year.

Now passengers are in for another treat with news of the train’s next big adventure: as a jet-black ambassador for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens enterprise. With awesome interior and exterior details, including a wrap that features all the new characters from the upcoming movie, this is bound to be a welcome sight for visitors landing at the airport from November this year.

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Kansai International: The airport that’s never lost a passenger’s bag

One of the many things we love about Japan is its amazing customer service, from intelligent packing to omnipresent station attendants who pop out of the walls to help you.

So we weren’t too surprised to hear that an airport in Japan has been judged to be the best airport in the world for baggage handling. And the details of the top-notch service that helped Kansai International Airport clinch the title are really quite impressive. For starters, the Osaka airport hasn’t lost a single item of luggage in over 20 years.

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