Star Wars Marunouchi Bright Christmas trees show off the power of the Light and Dark Sides of the Force.

Don’t you just love the traditions of the Christmas season? Nothing gets you in that Yuletide mood so much as decorating the tree, wrapping presents, and watching a Star Wars movie.

Okay, so maybe that last tradition doesn’t have as long a history as the other two. Every year between 2015 and 2017, though, a new Star Wars film premiered in December, and that’s set to happen again this year with The Rise of Skywalker. So to mark Episode IX’s worldwide release on December 20, Tokyo is celebrating with multiple Star Wars Christmas displays and a themed cafe!

The festivities are being given the overall name of Star Wars Marunouchi Bright Christmas, and will be held at various places in downtown Tokyo’s Marunouchi district.

▼ The Rise Crystal Christmas tree (which sort of looks like a Star Destroyer) will be on display at the Maru Building’s Maru Cube plaza, with alternating Light Side and Dark Side illuminations.

▼ Marunouchi Oazo’s Harmony of Lights~Feel the Force, Light and Healing Christmas display takes inspiration from the island on Ahch-To, where Luke Skywalker trains Rey in The Last Jedi.

▼ The Kokusai Building’s Memorial Gifts display, meanwhile, has R2-D2 showing off another of his always surprising capabilities: subbing for Santa.

▼ And because this is Japan, an extra dash of cuteness is needed, and supplied, by the Shin Maru Building’s Kawaii Uchi (“Cute Outer Space”) displays, which promise pastel colors, chubby Wookies, and super-deformed droids.

Star Wars Marunouchi Bright Christmas won’t just give fans things to look at, though, but also things to eat, with a limited-time Rise Crystal Cafe (taking up residence at the Maru Building’s Marunouchi Cafe) serving a lineup of Star Wars-themed food, like this Dark Side-infused Kylo Ren pasta.

▼ If you substituted regular noodles for the jet-black (presumably squid ink) ones, would it become “Ben Solo pasta?”

With no thanksgiving holiday in November to wait through, Star Wars Marunouchi Bright Christmas’s displays and cafe make their debuts early, on November 7, and run through December 25.

Source, images: PR Times
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