New bento bread makes us rethink sandwiches…and Japanese bentos

Local bread specialist pushes the boat out with a surprising addition to their store.

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French Fries Bread in Tokyo’s Shibuya becomes a hit on social media

Taking carb-on-carb meals to new extremes.

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We try the free muscle bread distributed by macho dudes at a one-day, pop-up event in Tokyo

This may be the only time in known human history when a six-pack was achieved using carbs.

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Do gohan no otomo, Japan’s traditional easy white rice toppings, work with toast?【SoraKitchen】

Exploring the culinary boundaries of bread

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Vending machine in Yokohama begins selling bakery bread set to be thrown away, reduces food waste

Machine could help save one or two tons of waste annually.

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Let’s try all the melon bread types sold by Japanese convenience store Family Mart【Taste test】

One of Japan’s favorite simple sweet treats has more variety than you might expect.

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Yamazaki Baking praised for heartwarming assistance after Japan earthquake 【Video】

Japanese bread company goes above and beyond during the disaster, feeding people and keeping their spirits up at the same time.

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Japanese convenience store chain wows us with its hidden street food

This is one product that’s too good to be kept a secret.

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Mega Yakisoba Pan takes Japanese convenience store food to crazy new places

Convenience store chain’s extreme yakisoba bread is even frightening the locals.

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The hybrid mochi brioche sweet was born of a mom’s love, a friend’s kindness, and a very long trip

A taste of home for a Japanese expat turns into a delicious regional treat in one part of Japan.

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Mr. Sato compares the new milk cream Hokkaido cheese steamed cake to the classic version

He swears the company took a hint from his own eating preferences.

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The top 3 nicest Nice Sticks from Yamazaki Baking

Eight Nice Sticks enter, three sticks leave…

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Where to buy a Curry Bread Grand Prix 2023 award-winning karepan in Japan

An unlikely place to get a curry bread, let alone a prize-winning one. 
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Tokyo bread wholesaler Tobu Pan Chokubaisho’s yummy bread makes Mr. Sato want to live next door

In particular, an uncommon find from his childhood will never go stale in his mind.
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Only one Ringer Hut noodle shop in Japan sells koppepan sandwiches, and we try them out

For when you’re not quite in the mood for just noodles.

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Super-cheap pillow-sized croissants selling in Tokyo

In case you ever wondered what being six inches tall might feel like.

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Starbucks Oleato in Japan: Staff note reveals the best thing to drink it with

Turns out there’s something else you should try when drinking the chain’s new olive-oil infused drinks.

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Get delicious bread at…a fresh seafood market in Tokyo’s Okachimachi neighborhood?

Would you like a Japanese egg sandwich with your octopus?

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Japanese melon butter, where have you been all our lives? 【Taste Test】

Melon butter is here to make everything better. 

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Starbucks Taiwan has a…melon pan burger?!?

Famous sweet makes a surprise appearance at Starbucks.

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