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Growing up with video games, there are a number of make-believe items we’d love to pull out from a bag to make our everyday lives better. Even just an ordinary potion could mean going from a sloth-like laziness to the get-up-and-go of a hummingbird. Sure, there have been plenty of elixirs concocted by drink makers that turn out to be delicious and colorful, but there’s another potion hitting the markets that we are looking to add to our stash to raise the hit points of our mood, since it’s an LED potion lamp!

This new light is going to be turning some heads every time it changes colors, which from the looks of it is pretty often. While not based on any specific potion from a game, the simple design makes it feel like it could be from any RPG you can imagine.

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Filled with four different colored LEDs, the magic potion lamp changes colors either by a slow fade across the available spectrum or with a simple touch.

Powered by micro-USB (wire and AC adapter included), the LED potion desk lamp looks phenomenal. Inside the potion is a resin liquid, while the charm that hangs from the bottle’s neck is made of a zinc alloy. You probably won’t be able to light up much in a completely dark room, though as the lamp has an effective working distance of only bout five feet (1.5 meters). That’s OK though, as you probably weren’t buying this lamp in order to do your homework by.

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You can find this magical lamp over at ThinkGeek, provider of all things geeky, for only US$39.99. Just make sure you don’t accidentally pull out the cork and drink this potion. The liquid isn’t fit for human consumption, and there probably isn’t a phoenix down in the world that will save you from that mess.

Source: ThinkGeek
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