Disney’s very first amusement park in mainland China, Shanghai Disneyland, is slated to open its doors in spring 2016. With the Chinese government’s recent decision to end its controversial one-child policy and allow citizens to have up to two children per family without facing fines, the world’s most populated country is bound to be teeming with more people than ever in the years to come.

Disney chairman and CEO Robert “Bob” Iger has expressed delight over the government’s change on the one-child ruling, and has revealed some of the company’s plans to incorporate China’s rich culture into the magic of Shanghai Disneyland and satisfy Chinese visitors of all generations.

“Thank you for sending us more kids,” Disney CEO Robert Iger quipped in response to the new ruling at a recent conference held at the University of  Southern California, appearing optimistic about the potential increase in visitors at the new park. He may have meant it as a joke, but he might actually be on to something.


Earlier this year, it was announced that Shanghai Disneyland will consist of six themed areas and have many superlatives to boast about. Not only will the park house Disney’s first pirate-themed land, it will also have the tallest and largest castle among all Disney parks, and boast the longest parade route as well. The park will also be enchanted with a unique fusion of China’s cultural heritage and Disney’s signature style to create a magical world that provides an authentic Disney experience, yet is distinctly Chinese.

The six lands of Shanghai Disneyland will be:

▼ Treasure Cove, where Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones dwell


▼ Tomorrowland


▼ Gardens of Imagination


▼ Mickey Avenue


▼ Fantasyland

▼ Adventure Isle, the first of its kind

Apart from the more obvious architectural elements, the spirit of China will also be incorporated into the menus of dining establishments in Shanghai Disneyland, with approximately 70 percent of the food and beverage variety being Chinese, spiced up with a dash of Disney magic.

Here are some of the visual renderings of attractions that have been revealed:

▼ Roaring Rapids at Adventure Isle


▼ Star Wars Launch Bay


▼ TRON Lightcycle Power Run, a brand new attraction at Tomorrowland


▼ The Enchanted Storybook Castle will be the first Disney castle in the world to showcase the legacy of all the Disney Princesses.


It seems like Mickey and friends are about to embark on an exciting journey like never before! Unfortunately, Disney has yet to reveal an actual image of the East-West fusion elements, but having witnessed so many of Disney’s successes with their very own brand of magic, we’re certain Shanghai Disneyland is going to be huge sensation.

Are you looking forward to the opening of Shanghai Disneyland? Tell us which attraction has piqued your interest!

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