If you’ve ever wanted to eat Jack Skellington’s face, now is the time to do it.

Tokyo’s Disney Parks are famous for being decked out for the holidays. They have special parades, decorations, and events. But any Disney Park lover knows that it’s all about the food. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea restaurants feature special holiday menus that help you get into the spirit of whatever holiday it is and celebrate with your favorite Disney characters.

The SoraNews24 team made trips to both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea to see what was special about this year’s Christmas menus. What we found did not disappoint us.

At Tokyo Disneyland, we found this Jack Skellington Sandwich Set (1,050 yen [US$9.23]) at the Sweetheart Cafe in the World Bazaar. It includes a Jack sandwich, grape jelly, and a soft drink of your choosing.

▼ The sandwich had teriyaki chicken, egg, cheese, and veggies inside. It filled up our stomachs perfectly!

It’s been around since Halloween, but since The Nightmare Before Christmas covers both Halloween and Christmas, it makes sense.

At Disney Sea, you can enjoy a nice and cheesy sausage (with a bone) for 400 yen. You can also pair it with a Hot Rosé Wine Cocktail for 680 yen. You can find both of these items at Barnacle Bill’s in the American Water Front area.

▼ The dried orange balances out the sweet flavor and makes it look totally Instagrammable.

We also went for the special dinner set at Café Portofino. For 1,880 yen, you can choose between shrimp and tomato cream linguini or pancetta and mushroom cream sauce linguini. The set also includes a soft drink, italian meatball chowder, and a piece of strawberry and pistachio cake.

▼ While there’s nothing particularly Christmas-like about the pasta dishes, the chowder has a festive red swirl.

▼ But it’s the dessert that takes the (holiday spirit) cake.

Besides restaurants, you can also find some edible Christmas goodies in souvenir shops. There’s a chocolate and raspberry crumble cake that comes with an adorable plate for 780 yen.

▼ Mickey and Minnie look adorable covered in snow!

And there’s a holiday souvenir cup with apple jelly and mixed berry mousse inside (also 780 yen).

▼ The classic red is paired perfectly with colorful ornaments and Disney characters.

Tokyo Disney Parks are decked out for the holidays until December 25. Enjoy all the Christmas spirit they have to offer on their menus before time runs out!

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