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Like the fairy tale fantasies that Disney produces, Frozen‘s development has been nothing short of a “Cinderella” story itself. Languishing in development hell for a very long time, Disney wasn’t about to waste such a promising story like “Anna and the Snow Queen”. Their patience definitely paid off, and the millions of fans around the world are eagerly awaiting what’s next for their new favorite characters. Japanese fans won’t have to wait any longer as Tokyo Disneyland has unveiled a whole host of new Frozen additions to the park embracing the theme of “After Frozen”.

This winter from January 13 to March 20, 2015, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Disney Resort Lines are teaming up to provide an immersive Frozen experience. They are making additions to the theme park, the hotel rooms and even the trains. If you are a fan, then start planning your Frozen Fantasy at Tokyo Disneyland!

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Guests will be able to meet the stars of the movie as Anna, Elsa and Olaf will be joining the twice daily parade (which runs for about 40 minutes). The on-screen characters brought to life by Disney cast members will greet guests and sing “Let it Go” with hundreds of fans on the parade route. The nighttime entertainment “Once Upon a Time” will have a special winter edition where scenes from Frozen will be performed.

Furthermore, “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy” will attempt to capture the look and feel of their home of Arendelle after the two reunited at the end of the movie. Decorations and banners featuring ice and crystal will adorn the Plaza, World Bazaar and parts of Fantasy Land. And guests who are looking to take home a special snowman of their own can join a class at the Disney Gallery that will teach you how to draw Olaf!

It’s not just a visual immersion, the Crystal Palace Restaurant will feature a special buffet with menu items taking their inspiration from the movie. And if you ever find yourself accidentally singing “Do you want to eat a snowman?” you’ll have that chance at the Plaza Pavilion Restaurant where there will be a special Olaf Hamburg Steak you can dig into.

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If you can’t get enough Frozen merchandise, there will be new souvenir cups, plates and popcorn buckets with the characters on them, along with 25 special goods that are only being sold in the theme park stores.

Not to be outdone by the resort, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will be decorating some of their rooms with the “Frozen Fantasy” theme in mind. Just like they have done recently, these rooms will be dressed floor to ceiling with characters and images from the movie. Reservations for the hotel rooms will begin on November 7, from 9:00 am. This magical room will cost between 51,300 yen (about US $483) to 85,300 yen (about $803) for one night, the increased cost is for multiple occupants. The suite on the other hand will start from 71,900 yen (about $677) to 101,700 yen (about $958). As you can see, a “trip” to Arendelle doesn’t come cheap!

frozen fantasy 6Image: (c) Disney

Finally, to whisk you away to that faraway land, the Disney Resort Line has decorated one of their trains to become the “Anna and Elsa Frozen Fantasy Liner”.

Tickets issued for this train will also feature images from the movie.

frozen fantasy 7Image: (c) Disney

You will only be able to see these attractions for 64 days this winter and only at Tokyo Disneyland! The hotel rooms and special goods will surely sell out as quickly as Prince Hans of the Southern Isles did, so make sure you get to the park in time!

Source: Narinari
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