Tokyo Disney Resort is set to bring back the snacks and sweet treats at limited park stores

A month-long shortage of goods had many park visitors leaving empty-handed with no yummy souvenirs for their memories.

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Sneak peek visit to Tokyo Disneyland’s new Baymax and Beauty and the Beast fantasy worlds

Come with us as we preview the hotly anticipated new magical worlds before their grand opening. 

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Tokyo Disneyland’s Beauty and Beast Castle, largest expansion in park’s history, announce opening

Belle, Beast, and Baymax will start welcoming fans this month.

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How to make Disney’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana French toast at home【SoraKitchen】

Turn your kitchen into the Magic Kingdom with this recipe!

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Tokyo Disneyland’s Twitter lets you feel like a guest without setting foot in the park, and fans are thrilled

“We hope we can bring a little cheer into your day,” the official account posted.

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Japanese Pirates of Caribbean fan skips Jack Sparrow costume in picture-perfect recreation【Video】

We’re not sure if this counts as cosplay, but it looks exactly like the Disney pirate tale.

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TripAdvisor reveals Japan’s top ten theme parks

There’s more to theme parks in Japan than just Disney Resort and Universal Studios; there’s also ninjas, go-karts and looking through your legs.

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Disney’s Donald Duck gets a big surprise over what’s being served at the all-you-can-eat buffet

Nothing could prepare him for this shock à l’orange.

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Japanese TV program chuckles at Shanghai Disneyland’s “non-Disney” characters, like…Mulan?

Could none of the producers remember back to 1998?

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Shanghai Disneyland to feature Chinese elements and the largest castle ever, opens spring 2016

Disney’s very first amusement park in mainland China, Shanghai Disneyland, is slated to open its doors in spring 2016. With the Chinese government’s recent decision to end its controversial one-child policy and allow citizens to have up to two children per family without facing fines, the world’s most populated country is bound to be teeming with more people than ever in the years to come.

Disney chairman and CEO Robert “Bob” Iger has expressed delight over the government’s change on the one-child ruling, and has revealed some of the company’s plans to incorporate China’s rich culture into the magic of Shanghai Disneyland and satisfy Chinese visitors of all generations.

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Mickey men: All-male trips to Tokyo Disneyland are on the rise in Japan

Most of the places where groups of men congregate in Japan aren’t too surprising. You can always find guys hanging out with other guys at sports stadiums, video arcades, pachinko parlors, pool halls, or any restaurant or bar that specializes in meat or fried foods.

Recently, though, there’s a new spot that’s gaining popularity for a day out with the boys: Tokyo Disneyland.

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Frozen fans who can’t ‘let it go’ have something to look forward to in January!

Like the fairy tale fantasies that Disney produces, Frozen‘s development has been nothing short of a “Cinderella” story itself. Languishing in development hell for a very long time, Disney wasn’t about to waste such a promising story like “Anna and the Snow Queen”. Their patience definitely paid off, and the millions of fans around the world are eagerly awaiting what’s next for their new favorite characters. Japanese fans won’t have to wait any longer as Tokyo Disneyland has unveiled a whole host of new Frozen additions to the park embracing the theme of “After Frozen”.

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It opens next year?! We go to the Shanghai Disneyland site, find a lonely river in a field

“Um…is this Disneyland?” our reporter asks a construction worker. “Sure is!” he replies.

She looks around. The first Disney park in mainland China, Shanghai Disneyland is scheduled to open next year. But all our reporter, a writer from our Japanese sister site, can see is a dirty river and barren land. No rides, no hotel, no lake, no scaffolding for Cinderella’s castle … Can this really be Shanghai Disneyland?

Join us after the jump as we go on a photographic journey to Shanghai’s version of The Happiest Place on Earth (If They Ever Finish It).

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Toy Story’s Little Green Men arrive at Tokyo Disneyland in edible form, plus other new sweets

At Tokyo Disneyland, the park’s rides often get overshadowed by its other attractions. For many visitors, a day at The Happiest Place on Earth (in Japan) is more about catching parades, taking photos, or munching on the limited-time treats that are sold inside the gates.

With summer vacation just getting started, Tokyo Disneyland is rolling out a new batch of animation-inspired food, including desserts modeled after Toy Story’s Little Green Men.

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Disney fans go crazy for new character at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea mascot Duffy the Bear has a brand new friend! And that means new character goods now on sale at the park, and of course hundreds of Disney fans eager to get their paws on them.

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Tokyo Disneyland Hotel adding new rooms that let you stay with Alice, Belle, and Cinderella

With Japan’s love of travel and fictional characters, it was really only a matter of time before hotels started offering rooms based on popular animated franchises. You can always count on Disney to have its finger on the pulse of travelers, and sure enough the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has a block of rooms decorated with the cast of its classic films.

It’s been six years since the hotel opened, though, and management has decided it could use a little sprucing up, So next year the character rooms are being renovated, with some returning favorites getting new amenities plus the hotel debut of a few more.

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Projection mapping coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland 【Video】

Given Japan’s unbridled love of things technologically advanced or just plain pretty, it’s no surprise that the country can’t get enough of projection mapping. High-tech artists have put on projection mapping shows at this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival, and just a few weeks ago Kawasaki hosted an event which recreated the monstrous villains from hit anime Attack on Titan in full scale.

But if Sapporo is too cold and the Titans too terrifying, there’s another display coming up that’s sure to be milder in both climate and content though just as visually impressive, as projection mapping is coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland.

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How to get into Tokyo Disney Resort 15 minutes before it opens (without hopping the fence)

As two of the most popular leisure destinations in one of the most crowded countries on the planet, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea can get pretty packed with visitors. The more guests who show up, the longer you’ll spend waiting in line for attractions (so be sure to follow our advice about the best days to visit this year), so in order to get the most out of their day, some people try to arrive as early as possible, so they can get into the parks as soon as they open.

Of course, with so many Disney fans in Japan, even if you show up at that early hour, you’re likely to be sharing the park with a throng of other excited kids of all ages. If only there was some way you could get in even earlier.

Actually, starting April 14, Disney is offering a way to do just that.

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The 8 least crowded weekends and holidays at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

In some spots, a trip to Tokyo Disneyland can feel very much like a visit to the original in Anaheim. Capering costumed characters pose for pictures with kids of all ages. Guests can stroll through Fantasyland and Tomorrow land. You’re never much more than a couple minutes’ walk away from a churro vendor.

But in some ways, Tokyo Disney Resort is incredibly Japanese. Well-behaved children uniformly refrain from kicking Mickey and his pals in the shins. Tokyo DisneySea will just as happily serve you an imported beer as an ice cream sundae. And of course, like any popular destination in Japan, the parks gets incredibly crowded.

Disney fans in the know, however, have a strategy for beating the crowds, and have compiled a list of the eight least crowded weekends and holidays of the year at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. And because we’re nice like that, we’re sharing that list with you today!

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Gay wedding at Tokyo Disney Resort inspires manga

Koyuki Higashi creates manga with writer Yuko Masuhara & Hiyakoi’s Emiko Sugiyama.

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